Interior Infation: Luxe Glam

Rough weekend kids. My husband's old back injury flared up (wow, that makes us sound old) leaving him unable to walk , sit or even lay down comfortably.  This is still his current state until he can see the doctor today at 2pm. Hopefully they'll give him some good stuff to ease the pain.  Then on Sunday morning I headed out bright & early to Target for some Liberty of London retail therapy only to find all three local Targets didn't have any of the line's home, kitchen or garden accessories. Not one iota.  What the feezy? I desperately wanted a watering can, garden gloves, peacock pillow, teapot, and some sort of bowl to put on my kitchen counter.   

So in light of these events, let's take an escape to a glamorous little world for a moment:

Good stuff.  The bathroom is what really did it for me. Not ever in my lifetime of course, but whatev.

Hope you all had a better weekend than we did!

All images from Town & County mag via Dream Homes.


  1. I hope the husband is feeling better soon. I am hoping the line hasn't been snatched up, heading to target soon.

  2. Great pics. I have so been looking forward to the Liberty line, and would have been super-bummed to get to Target and not find it. That's a shame. Hope your husband is able to get up and about.

  3. Still haven't been to Target... not enough hours in the day! But I do love that purple handbag from the first photo... and the marble bathroom is downright dreamy.

  4. The light fixture in that bathroom is amazing!

  5. do you know i thought about you yesterday, knowing that you would probably be at target. hate that they didn't have anything in home. ugh.
    once the kiddos wake up from their naps i think we may head over.
    i hope they have some over here in the south.

    love that wallpaper in the first pic. i guess it's wallpaper. my second glance made me think it might be grey chalkboard paint & an incredible artist's work.
    hope the husband feels better.

  6. Lovely images. And great blog!

  7. I could live and die in a bathroom like that. Weird?

    Hope your hubby heals up. Back injuries are the worst.

  8. Just gorgeous photos! i love the wallpaper in the first pic! So glam ;)

  9. Seriously? 3 Targets? That's just wrong. I was there on Saturday and they had a couple pillows and dishes sitting out, so I grabbed a couple dishess.

    Annnnd I'll take the blue tufted bench for good measure.

  10. Sorry to hear about your husband, it sounds like he is in awful pain. On a brighter note, these interiors are gorgeous! Love the blue and white bedroom xx

  11. aww hope he's feeling better soon...and you weren't the only one in the blog world with such a horrible target experience...DON'T THEY REALIZE PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR THESE LINES TO BE RELEASED?! i tell ya!