Currently Coveting

Girls' room addition.  Some cute stuff I've had my eye on...

Warhol Butterflies 1955, $79, Room & Board
Warhol Lips 1959, $49, Room & Board 
Orange Yuan Lamp, $150, Anthro (Looks like it's now out of stock)
Little Jake Chairs, $49, Room & Board
Rocking Sheep, $550 (ridic-I know-but he's cute!), Mjolk
LOVE Pillow Cases, $40, CX London 
Seagrass Daybed, $2,105, Cottage & Bungalow- I DIE over this bed. For reals.


  1. hi! - i added your botton to my page!
    hope u can stop by and "follow" me :o)

    LOVE ur page!!!!

  2. also dying over the bed, amazing!

  3. Love the Warhol lips, darling :)

  4. Wow, that sheep rocker is amazing! Well worth the price tag if you've got the $ laying around :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I die over that bed too! And the butterfly print is so girlie and pretty!

  6. If I had kids I would SO spring for that sheep rocker. Though the damage our kitty would do to it makes the price tag seem a little steeper somehow...

  7. We're doing a little redo in my little gals room and those pillows would work so nicely. We're going with a turquoise, black, white, and hot pink color scheme. Should be fun!

  8. i swear one day i AM going shopping with you! it will be one of the highlights of my year!

    you always pick the best stuff!

    i have always loved the "love" pillow cases. and that bed...i really think it could be a diy project if someone had time & help on their hand!!!