Spring Garden Plans: Grow A Pizza Garden

The hubs and I are excited to plant our very first veggie garden this year in our backyard. We have a nice spot all prepped and ready to go, and we are now deciding which veggies we want to plant. I ran across the fun idea to grow a "Pizza Garden" on Better Homes & Gardens.  And since we're all about pizza around here, it seems like the perfect idea!

It is planted in a 6x4 foot planter in full sun, which works great for our space.

Here are the plans:

A. 2 'Husky Cherry Red' tomatoes
B. 1 'Golden Jubilee' tomato
C. 2 basil
D. 1 'Keystone Giant' bell pepper
E. 1 'Jalapeno' pepper
F. 1 oregano
G. 3 onion
H. 2 rosemary
I. 5 thyme

The article includes a few yummy pizza recipes as well that use ingredients from the garden. These all sound delish:

Since this will be our first venture into growing our own veggies I would love any tips and advice from those of you who have experience.  


  1. not much of an expert, but i do have some advice. if your soil is prime, has good drainage and the spot is in full sun, like you said, your tomatoes are gonna produce like crazy. get the biggest tomoto cage there is-trust me. also, the tomato guy at my farmers market says that while you need to keep the 'maters well watered, if they are over watered it can actually make the 'maters less sweet and affect their flavor.

  2. I'm learning right there with you! I'd pick up one of the Sunset gardening books. My dad swears by them. Ryan and I were talking about our garden plans last night and I'm jealous of your sunny state cause we wish we could grow bell peppers! I think they would turn out kind of puny here though. We're using the book The Bountiful Container since we don't have bed space.

  3. Yay! I'm attempting my first garden with the kids this year too. It will be nice to have someone else to chat with about the whole process. I'm not sure who's more excited ... me or the kids.

  4. I kill most plants so I stick with buying my veggies at the grocery store. And thus, I have no tips. But I do think a garden designed around pizza toppings is ingenius! Can I grow pineapple and ricotta cheese in mine? Doubt it.

  5. OH this looks like such fun. I bought 2 little tiny tomato plants on sale at CVS last summer and a couple of big tomato cages and planted them on the side of the house. As Holly says get big cages! Mine got so huge they overturned the cages and the plants weigh a ton so I can't even re-stake them. Good tomatoes though! Can't wait to see how your pizza garden grows! Hope Nat gets better soon btw!

    xo Mary Jo