Shopping the Sites: Home Decor at Walmart.com

I'm constantly perusing the web for home decor items that are chic but cheap.  It's kind of my little hobby, even when I 'm not looking to buy anything.  Which is dumb, because I always end up seeing stuff I want, but don't need.  There was a little home decor insert from Walmart in our local newspaper this week that piqued my interest enough to head on over to the website to see what was crack-a-lackin.  Surprisingly, I found tons of great stuff on the cheap.  Here are a few faves:

I will always have eyes for a good zebra rug!

Great for bringing a bit of texture and shine to a room.

I would paint this either white or gray, or perhaps a fun accent color like turquoise. I love that it has a removable tray on top.  

These remind me of the lamp above. I really like the look of anyhing silver(ish) and textured.

I die over these. Especially the blue set.

That is one handsome desk for under $150!

I love the overlapping squares motif on the front of this basket. Again, I would spray paint the heck out of this guy.  Wouldn't three or four lined up on the lower level of a bookshelf or console look so nice?

These are more of a splurge, but oh my goodness I think they are gorgeous.  Put the big one next to the fireplace filled with birch wood and stow your magazines in the smaller.   

Now obviously the quality of such items are questionable, but when you are dealing with a tight budget I think it just makes sense to find the best deals you can on home accessories.  Splurge on larger items that need to go the distance like sofas, or larger pieces of furniture that will be used often.

Are there any items in particular you like to save v. splurge on?  Or vice-versa?  

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. I was there the other day and did a double take when I saw that rug! They have some matching throw pillows, too! I guess they're really trying to catch up to Tarjay!

    I wish I could use those towel sets!

  2. Wow, I can't believe that silver lamp is only $25! You certainly have a good eye!

  3. Wow, that desk is really beautiful. Wal-Mart has really been stepping up their game I guess. My mother is a huge Wal-Mart fan (the one in her Texas town is completely green with wind-powered electricity and everything). I'm on Team Target, but I'm an awe at these pieces.

  4. I love those towels! I can't believe they're from Wal-Mart, they're adorable. I don't think I'd go for furniture from there, but I could definitely go for some towels!

  5. Great finds... I am loving the bath towels/mats. It's hard to find good looking accessories for the bath that aren't a fortune. The orange ones would be adorble in my kiddos bath.

  6. I am impressed! I really love that desk..

  7. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I generally stay as far away from Wal-Mart as possible, but for that zebra rug I might have to make an exception. Happy Friday!

  8. The rug is especially cute but I still refuse to shop at Wal-Mart. Plus, I think Ryan would die inside (he is not tempted as I am by affordable adorableness!). He is disapproving of the puffy paint I bought there in HIGH SCHOOL 4 years before I knew him and when it was the only place to find it within 35 miles (yes, I grew up in the country!)

  9. I love the side table with the removable tray! It makes so much sense!

  10. I looooove that desk! If i had room for it I would beg my hubs for it. :-)