Personal Style, Defined: Romantic

Welcome to a new weekly series here on SPPN called "Personal Style, Defined". I will be partnering with Jill of The Good Life For Less each week to explore and define a new style theme. You will find the interior examples here and the fashion side over at Jill's blog. 

A few questions we hope to answer along the way:
What is personal style?
What is YOUR personal style?
Should personal style be changing or evolving?

How can defining personal style help while shopping for yourself or your home?
The first personal style we have decided to highlight is romantic.

If you are drawn to rooms with these elements, you are probably a romantic.
Here are a few examples:


Note: The floral patterned wallpaper {sweet prints} 
Pops of pink {feminine details}


Note:  Curved armchairs {flirty silhouettes}
Well placed furniture, art and accessories {layers}


Note: The intricately carved chest and mirror {attention to detail}
Fresh flowers and candles {feminine details}

Note:  Luxurious fabrics {feminine details}
Mounds of pillows {layers}
Ruffles, tufting and pleating {feminine details}

All images via House Beautiful  

Does this look speak to you? Want to get the look in your home?  
Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Ruffled Pillow- Pier 1
Venetian Mirror- The Wall Art Store
Candles- Lollia
Romantic Photography-  IS Photography

So what do you think? Are you a romantic? If not 100%, are there particular elements that you find appealing?  

Don't forget to check out Jill's blog The Good Life For Less to see what she has posted on the fashion side of romantic style! 


  1. Yeah! Love this and am so excited to do this series! I think I definitely have romantic tendencies... especially with layers in decorating! GREAT photos!

  2. normally I go towards the masculine, but i am loving feminine touches as of late.

  3. I can't wait to see what my personal style is. Fun series!

  4. I love this idea. It's something I think about often. I am in my first year in our new home and I'm constantly thinking about what to do next. I've recently been looking to my wardrobe both for inspiration and for revamping taking a cue from my design esthetic.

    I'm not a romantic in the interiors sense, though I'd love to walk through this home. I look forward to future postings! I'd define my interior style as Eclectic. I love modern style, but I'm not as "clean" as most modern looks. I also inherited quite a few antiques, which I LOVE, but I find it really hard to incorporate these more traditional pieces into a more modern silhouette.

  5. very dreamy images, i definantly have romantic tendencies, must have fresh flowers and love tufted anything!

  6. I never thought I'd even remotely describe my taste as romantic but I dig all of your recommendations, so maybe? possibly?