Currently Coveting

Natalie finally seems to be doing a bit better today. Yesterday was a rough one, we literally spent all day at the doctor's office and pharmacy picking up her medications and she was soooooo tired when we got home.  She fell right asleep after dinner (this is unheard of people-it was six o' clock), but then woke up at eight, started to cough and wheeze, then as I was picking her up to take her to her room she threw up all over me.  This of course freaked me out because not only was she coughing, vomiting and wheezing, but she was burning up, her fever had risen several degrees.  Which normally I wouldn't be worried about a fever, but she had already been running a fever for four days and usually by that time her fever would have broken.  Thank goodness my husband was home early from work because he is always able to calm everyone down.  Anywho-this morning when she woke up I was right there by her side and she gave me a big smile, so right away I knew today was going to be a better day.  Her temp is down to 99 and she hasn't tossed her cookies yet.  Plus she's asking me to dress up, watch her favorite movies and play Mario Kart so she pretty much is back to her old self!  So that is the update for all you sweeties who were wishing Natalie well.  Dealing with sickness is the one part of motherhood I have the worst time with, so thanks for letting me vent! 

Okay, on to the pretty stuff...


"Currently Coveting" has a new format!

Clockwise, starting from top:

Love this Ella Moss cardigan and it is 70% off right now at shopbop!

My aging skin (turning 29 this year-yikes!) needs a new makeup routine.  I've been hearing a lot of good things about Laura Mercier products.  Any thoughts?  

My red post the other day has me craving a shot of it in my house.  This "Modern Times Factory Stool" from Sundance would look great as a barstool in my kitchen.

As an interior design/home decor fanatic, I'm ashamed to say I still don't own any of the Penguin Classics.  Babe-wouldn't mind a few of these for Valentine's Day ;) It's not to late to bust out overnight shipping on amazon!  Make sure this is one of them, K?

Lastly, this funky bangle would be a fun accessory to add to your wardrobe.


  1. oh man, sick kids are the worst, especially the semi-scary stuff like throwing up and fevers. Great picks girl... I adore that cuff. It would be a fun way to dress up a simple t and jeans. I have a few of the Penguin books. I just love seeing them on my shelf!

  2. I LOVE that funky bracelet! Now I want one too!

    Just found your blog & have loved scrolling through all your posts :)

  3. I want a pair of those barstools so very badly. Too bad they are so flipping pricey. Might have to start saving for them. LOVE them so!

    Hope Natalie stays on the ups!

  4. girlfriend!!! not only do i always love your posts, but some of the time i learn from them. like those books for example. but OMG the price for the collection. ouch. i like your new sweater too, btw.

    smiles in the morning after a bad night is always the best. take care. hope you are taking a nap!

  5. Costco had a bunch of those penguin classics the other day and I almost cried when we left without one!!! I want them all too, even though I have copies of most of them already. They are so pretty!

  6. i hope you get a couple of the penguins classics!!