Random Fun Friday: Team Coco

  Best believe I got all teary eyed during Conan's speech on his last night hosting The Tonight Show.  I am Team Coco all the way baby!  And you know what I love about the internets? There is already a ton of creative Conan stuff floating around.  Like these:

A pretty little quote box featuring the exact words that got me (and everyone else for that matter) all choked up.

A plush Conan! I would so cuddle up with him in bed at night.  Is that weird?

An awesome play on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters.

Felt pins to pronounce your Coco love.

I also love how he ended the show with a performance of "Free Bird". I couldn't find an embeddable link, but you can view it here if you'd like.  He was rockin out on that guitar! I've seriously had the song stuck in my head all week.

Hope you sweetie pie's have a wonderful weekend! Make sue to stop by on Monday when I will have a book review and giveaway!


  1. I love that quote... especially the part about life not always being what we think it will be. Unfortunately I wasn't a big Conan watcher as he was on at 11:30 here - which is a little late for me. But I do appreciate his style of humor, very funny!

  2. I LOVE all of these!!! Thanks so much for letting us know these things are out there! I sooo teared up doing Conan's specch too. I'm going to buy some of these things and put them in my house! Thanks! I kind of want a framed poster of the first little note card with his quotes.

  3. That show, and in particular that quote, touched me so much. He's an inspiration!

  4. team coco all the way!

    might have to copy/paste that quote of his. he is so real but so darn funny. and his hair...boy, did the poster people get it right or what??? ;)