Random Fun Friday: Rainy Week Rundown

It's been one wet and wild week here in California!

Natalie and I went out to play in the rain...

And I snapped what might be my all-time favorite picture of her....

There has been lots of indoor activities like coloring...


And watching movies...

I've been enjoying watching the birds take rain baths in the backyard. Especially love when they perch on the branches of my Corkscrew Willow...

Been doing a lot of thinking and planning for the year...

And this weekend I am finally going to clean out and organize the catastrophe that is my closet...

Heaven help me!

This kind of gloomy weather always puts me in the mood to listen to, well, moody music. One of which is "The Power of Goodbye" by Madonna. Love love love love this song and video of hers. Do you have any songs you gravitate toward during the winter months?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. ooh that IS an adorable picture - what a sweetie!

    good luck on the closet cleaning - are you going to post "after" photos as well? :)

    i love listening to The Shins this time of year... i think mainly because when i first discovered them it was fall/winter and i was listening to them non-stop... so now i just naturally associate them with cold weather :)

  2. it has been really wet. i'm actually thinking about getting some rainboots today...just as the storms are almost over. :)

    Good luck with that closet. I feel your pain. And if it makes you feel any better: mine's worse.

  3. Your girls are just so cute, beautiful expressive eyes! Love your closet, it's huge!

  4. That is an awesome picture of your daughter. And they both look so cute relaxing on the couch, watching movies.

  5. Your girls are beautiful! Awesome pictures.

  6. That's funny that you gravitate to MAdonna!!
    I think I lean towards slower pace music in the winter months and then some good dance, upbeat stuff when it's warm.

  7. Hope you are having a good weekend! That picture of Natalie is so perfect!

  8. I LOVE that photo of the birds on the Corkscrew Willow, which btw, has now been added to my list of trees to possibly add to my backyard. I wonder how they'd do in Michigan.

  9. Can't wait to see your after shots of your closet! Your kids are adorable...and it's also been non stop rain in boston today. I'm ready for it to stop!