My Love For Canadian Magazines Won't Quit

This time it's Canadian Family magazine. Being as I have two little ones, I love to see how other people adapt their homes to accommodate their families. Feast your eyes on these fine photos:

I die.

A powder blue painted claw foot tub? Going straight into my dream home ideas file.

And would ya lookie here-that white ottoman has a lid to reveal toy storage! Yippee!

Books and games tucked neatly away in a basket under some nesting tables in the family room. Baskets will be your best friend when it comes to organizing kid paraphernalia.

Loving the gray walls and rug with the jolt of fuchsia on that amazing rocking chair. The perfect spot to throw those two blonde cuties on your lap and read them "Taking A Bath with the Dog and Other Things that Make Me Happy."

How sweet is that tiny framed baby foot print? Gives it a bit of a twist when you hang it in the bathroom instead of the nursery.

If, and I mean if, we ever have a boy I want to incorporate orange into his nursery. Big IF people.

Still digging chalk board walls. Especially when used to draw a campfire scene.

Had to add this little sweetie in her adorable robe.

A different, more colorful take on giant B&W pics of your kids.

Some day I will have an organized closet. Like when I quit wasting my time posting pretty pictures of them on my blog instead of doing said organizing.

Great inspiration for a shared bedroom. I like how they positioned the beds in an "L" shape instead of parallel to each other as you often see. Makes for better late night chatting and giggle fests.

How cozy do these little girls look coloring at their table next to the fire? I like how the table is painted the same color as the walls/mantle/mouldings so it blends in nicely with the decor.


What a perfect little set-up for the tween age. Each girl has her own desk, with a big easel in the middle for when creativity hits. Love the blue swing-arm lamps and the hot pink little chair in front of the easel.

All images via Canadian Family magazine.

Have a good one lovelies!


  1. Great inspirations! And that kitchen is perfection!

  2. Oh thanks for the link darling!

  3. Am I the only one surprised about the great Canadian design mags? I guess I thought they'd be all log cabin-ish. (sorry that sounds terrible!)

  4. I love when magazines show homes that are really lived in, especially with kids! My favorites are the last picture (I'd still take that as a work space!) and the kids room with the gray walls and fushia chair. Those windows and the shelves had me at hello.

  5. Sigh...i die for that black and white kitchen. So beautiful!

  6. What great ideas! I never know what we're going to do with all our babies things, it's only gonna get worse!

  7. My top 3 faves:
    1. blue & orange nursery. I will include orange in my nursery no matter what!

    2. bright yellow daybed room. Want for myself.

    3. Tweeny easel room. Or maybe I'm just choosing all the rooms with little banners. Love tiny banners!

    gooooood choices my friend

  8. Oh yeah for canadian magazines! That kitchen is too die for.

  9. I know! Canadian House and Home is my few favorite magazine!

  10. i am such a sucker for kids' rooms. love all of these. i could sit in any of them for hours. thanks for the link to such a great mag - too. never heard of it before.

    you are always "in the know"