Interior Infatuation: Bold Traditional

This gorgeous home has been a fave since I saw it in The Nest magazine a few years ago. The homeowner is the owner of Cinda B bags, which I've blogged about before, and this article is actually where I first heard of the company.

I'm dying over the David Hicks runner on the stairs.

I am always a fan of symmetry in a room, so I like the idea of placing two full-size sofas across from each other. Are "love seats" even made anymore? I pretty much only see sofas and chairs in rooms these days.

A Murano glass chandelier straight form Italy hangs in the dining room. Must be rough. I really like the color palette of this room.

The dark glossy gray used on the kitchen cabinets is quite sexy.

This bench is a pew from the church they got married in. Isn't that so sweet? Almost as sweet as those orange Tory Burch flats I want to snatch up from the floor.

Here is her office. It has all the essentials: zebra print rug, funky (owl?) lamp, giant inspiration board, big beautiful windows letting the light pour in, comfy white sofa for quick cat naps brainstorming sessions.

All images via The Nest magazine website. You can also view a video tour of her home, which shows more rooms and details here. But just be prepared to get reeaaallly jealous.


  1. I loved this house especially her office!

  2. Love the bold stairs! And there's those painted floors :-)

  3. Very elegant!
    Happy new week,

  4. YOWZA!

    i could use that kitchen any day! i love the gray cabinets. i once told my aunt that i wanted that color cabinets and she totally dissed my idea. whatev!

    btw i did see that molly sims word art and loved it! one day when i'm feeling creatively ballsy, i MAY attempt a DIY.

  5. the church pew thing is pretty darn sweet!!

    and soo random about your comment! can't believe your dad's band play(ed) at cafe gratitude! nice lil feel there. and i encourage you to get those etsy prints, both stellar quality.