NYE Party Decor & Fashion

If I were going all out and throwing a New Year's Eve party, I would like it to look a bit like this:

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Nice, no?

On a related note, I recently found out you can mix my two favorite alcoholic beverages, champagne and vodka to create, hold on to your hats-a CHAMPAGNE MARTINI. How I went 28 years not knowing this I have no idea. All you do is pour about one shot worth of vodka (I like to blame it on the goose) in the bottom of a champagne flute, then fill the rest with the champy of your choice. My fave is the ever so classy Ballatore Gran Spumate you can get at the grocery store for around $10 a bottle. You know, this one:


On another semi-related note, my hubby bought me those blue heels for Christmas that I blogged about here.

I am definitely going to wear them on New Years Eve, it's just too bad we don't have anywhere snazzy to go. It's probably going to be another year at home, barely staying up until midnight to watch the ball drop on TV. Here is how I will probably wear them:

And this is how I would wear them if we were going out:

Do you all have any fun plans for NYE? If so, let me know so I can live vicariously through your exciting life.


  1. Haha, with the NYE I have planned, I'd wear the blue shoes with a lovely pair of old yoga pants and a hooded sweatshirt. I need to go Polyvore that outfit, hot!

    I'm in the same boat as you, I'll be sticking toothpicks in my eyes to try to keep them open until midnight.

    And how come I never heard of champagne and vodka??? together??? I mean, I'll do champagne and grape juice b/c I'm classy but never vodka. It's now on my list!

  2. Love the shoes (although I'd kill myself if I were to wear them!) As for New Years plans...Hahahaha! If we make it until the ball drops, we'll be doing good. lol
    Peace & Love,

  3. I'll be at your imaginary party... it will be fab girl! We're just staying in and doing some fondue and champagne... Maybe I'll bust some high heels out too!

    ps, what a guy!?!?

  4. Love the decor, love the fashions! You are much to young and fabulous to be sitting home on NYE!! ;)

  5. Loving that jeans outfit--just feeling casual this year! p.s. those vodka/champagne things are dangerous--they pack a heavy-duty punch, so be careful!! :)
    Just wanted to pop by and wish you a very happy new year!
    Stay stylish!
    xo Mary Jo

  6. I didn't know about the champagne martini either!@@!??!!

    We're staying in with the baby, having a couple friends over for take out food and a Wii tournament, I doubt I'll make it to midnight.

  7. Ok, I am so sending Ry to the liquor store before I get home. Have to try that drink cause it sounds too fabulous. Both outfits are adorable. Wish you were up here and we'd go out! We're being low key too.

  8. well at least you'll be looking saucy at home on new years eve :)

    have fun! and happy new year!

  9. well, we are all recovering from the flu and strep back to back...fun holiday! so tomorrow night will be our first year to spend nye with our kids alone...still a bit germy but we got sparkling cider for them and I will bake a big cake and do firecrackers out front. FUN TIMES. he hee. XO happy ny! amy

  10. we are @ home for the eve as well. but!!!! i am bound & determined to @ least have a little fun. i have TONS of memories from eve nights in the past (before kids) and i have decided to make new ones. the party starts around 6 here. kids in bed @ 9, socks, jammies, something??? to drink, & ryan seacrest on tv. :)

    happy new years!

  11. Love the color palette, have a fabulous New Year's!

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