More Christmas Pretties

Well my friends, it's time to share a few more Christmas inspirations with you, before posting gets a bit spotty due to all the festivities. We're heading out to visit my parents at the end of the week, which will include our annual trip to the ice skating rink and "Warm Puppy Cafe". Then on the way home, we'll spend a day in Sausalito, a gorgeous city overlooking the bay with great views of San Francisco. We always make sure to get a pic up at this little pull off in the hills that has a great view of the Golden Gate bridge behind us. We didn't make it last year though, so this is the first time Kara will be in the photo! Here is our last pic, circa 2007:

Gah! Look how little Natalie was! And technically Kara was there, she was just in my belly!
I'm also super excited because when we come back, we are bringing my mom with us! Whoo Hoo! She will staying until Christmas when my dad will come down for the day and then take her home. That's six whole days mom! Beyond excited. We are going to do tons of Christmas activities with the girls, probably get in some shopping and just relax and enjoy each other's company. Good times. Sooo...sorry if posting becomes slim to none. I'm hanging with my momma!

Okay, enough about me...here is that Christmas inspiration I was tellin' ya about:

I don't think anything is more exciting than getting a whole stack of presents bundled up like this. It has much more impact than if they were all hanging out on their own. Double excitement for the fact that the lid is wrapped separately so you can just pull it right off to reveal the pressie inside.

If I ever get my nice big dream home out in the country, I am so decking the front out with a giant swag garland like so.

I really like this alternative to the classic round wreath-though I love those too, don't get me wrong. Supply list here.

Or what about this one? Peace on Earth ya'll

Holy cow, I love this console table set-up. The colors! That giant pot full of whatever those plants are called! The matching lamps! The Wallpaper! I would totally kick those pagoda things to the curb though.

Enjoy the season everyone!

All images via myhomeideas.com


  1. ohhhhh, aahhhhh - I love that last picture there! Those flowers are cyclamens... they are actually a potted plant and really easy to take care of! I went through a cyclamen phase about 6 years ago when they were ALWAYS in the house. I might have to revisit that... they are gorgeous!

    Happy Holidays to you girl!

  2. left you a comment on my blog coments. XO

  3. jackie...your family is adorable! Would you believe i still dont have a picture there overlooking the GG bridge? And i've lived in the bay all my life!

    Anywho, enjoy your time with mama :)

  4. Ah, Cyclamens! Thanks Jill for clearing that up! I know, I see them everywhere this time of year. So pretty.

  5. Oh that stack of presents is so prett! The mix of papers is what gets me!

    Excited to see this year's picture with Kara too :)

  6. Love your picks! And that family photos is adorable! Wishing you a very merry holiday season Jackie!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  7. I'm so decking out my future house with a massive garland like that. And a wreath at every window.