Monday Miscellany (Aka-Crap, It's Almost Christmas!)

Ho, ho, ho peeps. You guys feeling the "Oh crap, it's almost Christmas" vibe like I am? Yikes, it's coming WAY too soon. Still having fun hanging out with my mom, but she didn't want me to leave my readers hanging. Last night we were talking and out of the blue she said "So, you have a blog post ready for tomorrow?". So here I am, per my mother's wishes. (Ok, I wanted to post too, just didn't think it would be nice to ignore my mom while blogging, but since I got the green light...)

A few randoms for you on this Monday morning:

These shoes from Forever 21 are awfully cute, and are only $20!
I get a real "Kate Spade Holiday 2009" vibe from them, don't you?

And we all know how gaga everyone went over this stuff this season!

Lulu's has a ton of cute holiday dresses on the cheap:

I had to have this amazing little clutch from Independent Reign, so I bought it as a little Christmas pressie to myself:

Lastly, for my fellow gLeeks, I love this pic:

via gleeky

Love her dress and that curtain in the background. Cory Monteith isn't too shabby either. I bought the Vol 2 Soundtrack last week, and have listened to this song a ridiculous amount of times. Natalie already knows all the words.

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Dianna looks amazing. I think the lace top is from Anthro. That show is the cutest. I haven't gotten the 2nd volumne yet. I should get on that! :)

  2. Those bow bedecked heels are just adorable. F21 has a killer sequin pair right now too!