Interior Infatuation: Elizabeth Bauer Design

Just found this fab Interior Designer who has a store front in New York. I couldn't find many examples of her actual work, as most of the pics on her site are images from her store. But I love little vignettes from inside such stores just as much as I love actual rooms.

The above is her desk and inspiration board. Loving that fun wallpaper.

Quite possibly the perfect shade of blue.

I will never tire of black and white stripes.

Or zebra, a variation on the theme. And btw, I am officially back on good graces with pink in all areas of the home. If you were a blog reader back in the day you may remember after having Natalie I was so sick of the color pink I never wanted to see it again.

Drooling over that stack of the book "I Married Adventure" by Osa Johnson. Mark my words, one day I am getting my hands on a copy! The single book with the giraffe print cover is the sequel "Four Years In Paradise" which I heard is even harder to find.

Digging the brights and the mixed floral framed prints...hmmm, possible inspiration for the girls' future play room?

That crystal vase is to die. It can be yours for a mere $795.00

I have found myself strangely drawn to malachite as of late. Not sure I would do a whole dresser, but I wouldn't mind a little knick knack paddy whack to sit on a shelf.

Love her selection of home accessories.

Images via Elizabeth Bauer Design website and her flickr account


  1. HEllo Jackie, that blue color is pretty amazing! I could stare at it for hours!

  2. Oh, I love all the pillows! And the mirror!

  3. oh my gosh, she has unbelievable taste!!! Her decor is quite inspiring! Happy New Years!

  4. You're right, that could be the perfect shade of blue.