Inspired Christmas: Baby's First

I had to bust this article out of the archives for you guys. Freshly scanned for you from the December 2005 issue of BHG. That's right, I'm diggin' way in those crates to bring you the best of the best. What I love about this article is the unique holiday color palette (browns, blues, creams, silvers), the sweet gestures to make baby's first Christmas extra special, and the inspired ideas to make guest feel welcome and at home.

Here the homeowner has decorated the mantel with pretty little bouquets of roses, but what makes it unique is she has nestled little family heirlooms such as her grandfather's baby cup and her son's silver rattle. I like the idea of adding non-holiday items to your holiday decor.

This sweet little handmade ornament reads "Santa and reindeer: please tiptoe quietly, baby boy soundly sleeping." That's so cute I almost can't stand it.

Here again the homeowner has hung more family heirlooms on a silver garland. Festive without being over-the-top.

Here is a sweet idea to steal: this advent was made by collecting letters from various friends and family members with special Christmas messages for the baby. They then rolled them up into little scrolls to be opened and read each day until Christmas. What a wonderful tradition that could be.

Nothing too holiday going on here, but I sure do love this kitchen!! And check out her ironstone collection!

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this look: clear and silver ornaments hanging on ribbons from the chandelier.

Make guests feel extra-special by wrapping a little gift to use as a place card on the table. The homeowner fills hers with shortbread cookies. Tie a little jingle bell to wine glasses to make sure plenty of Angel's get their wings.

When you wrap your presents with such care, who wants them hidden under the tree? Displayed up on dressers or on a bookshelf they become a decoration too.

Continue the Christmas spirit in the guest room by tying a stocking to the bedpost with a tag that reads "Come rest ye, merry guest." Stuff it with some chocolates, a bottle of lotion or a journal.

Who wouldn't appreciate a few more little gifts on the bed with a note of thanks for traveling so far to visit?

It's the little details that can really leave a big impression. Tie up a few fluffy towels with ribbon and a sprig of greenery. Simple and lovely.

I want to leave you with this quote from the article:

"One thing that I love about the South, where I grew up, is that a sense of place is extremely important to people. It's the little details-and the care for traditions-that give us connection to a place. I want my son to have that sense of place. And I want the people who come into my home to feel that connection. That's what the Christmas spirit is all about."

What little traditions or special decorating touches do you have when it comes to the holiday season?

*All images and information scanned by me from the December 2005 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.


  1. ok now...you are killing me with this one. killing me. thank you for digging this one out. love it. love the "first christmas touches as well!!!"
    and that house. stop it! can't handle much more.
    i think we do all the traditions that this house in the SOUTH does. (you know i love that touch too!) even though my kids are small, i plan on keeping every single ornament they will make. (like my mom did). to this day, i love going home to the parents & still seeing those ornaments i made years & years ago.
    again, can i say i love this post. :)

  2. Great post. Love it.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    Have a great day :)


  3. Lovely! Our decorations have actually been shrinking... I've only been hanging onto the ones I love. My daughter is still searching for a few of those stuffed snowmen we had a few years back. Don't know what happened to them ;-)

  4. I really enjoyed all the festive pictures! So pretty. And the quote at the end is perfect!

  5. Jackie, I think this is the most beautiful spread on christmas that I have seen so far. It's beautiful but simple and so do-able. LOVE!

  6. Great "archive" to scan! Love the garland in front of the mirror. My mom always decorates our mantle w/ holly and our stockings. We also tape our xmas cards around a big window in the kitchen.