Holiday Gift Guide '09: The Boyz

To be quite honest I suck at picking out gifts for guys. Men are from Mars after all. If I were a boy, I would like these gifts:

1. Handcrafted Wood Case for iPhone, Gent Supply Company, $39.50

2. Whiskey Lover's Set, Delight.com, $59.50
This set of whiskey stones (to chill your drink with no dilution) and handcrafted crystal highball glasses will have your man looking all kinds of dapper while sipping his favorite beverage. You can also get just the stones for $19.75.

3. iPod/iPhone Hoodie, Fred Flare, $15.00
For those more laid back, try this iPhone cover...

4. "Hopside Down" Glass, Urban Outfitters, $18.00
...and this beer glass!

5. "Everyday I'm Hustlin" Print, Felt & Wire, $29.99
Acknowledge your hard workin' man. Or your Rick Ross lovin' man. Found via this blog.

6. iTunes gift card
Yeah, this is a bit of a cop-out, but everyone loves music! Duh!

7. "Dirty Spanish" Book, Urban Outfitters, $10.00
We could all benefit from knowing a few nasty remarks in another language.

8. Survival Kit in a Sardine Can, Restoration Hardware, $14.00
Because doesn't every guy wish he were MacGyver?


  1. Men ARE hard to shop for! Luckily Ryan has an amazon wishlist that I can search. Haha. But if I was a dude, I'd love your picks too!

    Hey, and I think the ladies would benefit from knowing some swear words in different languages. To tell off creeps and such while on vacation.

  2. Great ideas! I agree the boys are so hard to shop for, this year the BF is getting a lusted after video game, and my dad will get some sort of book!

  3. awesome! thanks for the ideas - i'm really struggling with what to get my hubby this year, i'm thinking that beer glass will be a good start!

  4. can i have those whiskey stones for myself??? seriously.