A Few Winter Products I'm Enjoying

We have a fake Christmas tree at our house, mainly because I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to the real thing. The one thing that really bums me out about it is there is no lovely pine smell in my house. Enter Mrs. Meyer's Iowa Pine hand soap. I snatched some up for my kitchen, and let me tell you the scent is heavenly. It smells very much like the real thing, but not in an overbearing way like a lot of pine scented items are. Plus, how cute is the label? Go get some! It's only $3.99 at Target.

My skin in the winter is D-R-Y dry. I'm talking peeling around the nose dry. Gross, I know, but just keepin it real. Regular facial moisturizers just don't cut it, even the extra creamy ones. I knew I had to find something else. Something that packed way more punch than your average moisturizer. When I found this Boots Organic "Face Super Balm" at Target I knew I was in business. How can you go wrong with super balm? You can't! This stuff works! It's pretty greasy, so I just put it on at night, but it has totally gotten rid of my little nose peelies. Loves it.
Lastly, after a rather unfortunate incident this weekend *cat projectile vomiting all over my bedroom and the stench was unbearable* I picked up several of these Glade Bayberry Spice candles because I didn't want to associate my usual candle scent with said unfortunate incident. I guess I'm a bit of a candle snob, because usually I don't buy them from the same makers as bathroom sprays, but you know what? This one smells pretty darn good. I have no idea what Bayberry Spice actually is, but the Glade website says it's the scent of "fresh bayberries, a sprinkle of ginger and a hint of cinnamon". Sure why not. All I know is it smells like Christmas and I like that. And guess where you can get some? Tar-ghetto of course!

Do you have any winter-time products you are enjoying? Do tell!


  1. Ryan is allergic to Christmas trees, so we had to get a fake one this year (he's allergic to anything with needles, but luckily if they're outside he doesn't get too bad. It's just sleeping in the same house as a tree is a no-no). I'm missing the pine scent so I'll have to check these out.

    AND he also gets really dry skin (you guys are winter-affliction twins!) so we've been moisturizing his hands like crazy. They're all chapped and red. Sad boy.

    Yuck about your cat :( No fun.

  2. Hi Jackie, just wanted to let you know that you're the winner of the Pastry boot give-away. Can you email your address to me asap so I can have them sent out to you?

    Congrats! Hope they keep you warm this holiday season!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Great idea on the pine smelling soaps and lotions, we have a fake tree too and I miss the smell of the lovely real thing!

  4. Love Mrs. Meyer's soaps. i will have to look for the Pine scented stuff!

    I got a sampler from Yankee Candle of votives in different scents for the holidays. Love it!

  5. I love Mrs. Meyer's, I didn't realize they had a holiday set, I'll check that out next time I'm at Target, thanks!

  6. i am so with you on the D-R-Y issue. my BFF brought & bought me a similar soap and lotion set. loving it with the pine smell. even the husband is too.

    hey, have you smelled target's METHOD line of holiday products? their peppermint & vanilla scented candle, lotion, soap, & dish soap is.the.bomb! seriously.

  7. ooh ahhh! i feel like i can smell the scents from here.

    bayberry spice sounds AMAZING!

  8. i just bought the meyer's counter cleaner and the scent is phenomenal!