Time Keeps on Slippin...

(On my Aunt's Thanksgiving table)

Ummm, what? Thanksgiving is over? December 1st is tomorrow? Only 4 weeks til Christmas? When did all this happen?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had two delicious thanksgiving dinners, which was nice, but then Natalie woke up on Saturday morning with a fever and a bad case of Croup. Now it looks like Kara is following suit, as is the usual flow of things. So we just keep truckin' along over here...

I'll be posting some gift guides this week, starting off with kids, because that is really what has my focus this year. All the grown ups have decided not to exchange gifts, which makes everything a whole lot easier!


  1. no gifts for the adults?! bah humhug! hahaha. our family is doing to same thing which is cool for me because there's only 2.5 kids which means dave and i are gonna spoil the heck out of each other this year! YAY!!!

  2. Can't wait to see your gift guides!
    Last year my husband and I didn't do presents for each other but we did fill each others stockings. It really was a lot fun!

  3. We're focusing more on the little man too and I'm almost done with him!

  4. I am looking forward to your ideas, I find it really hard to come up with a good idea for kids ...

  5. jackie--love the photo at your aunt's table! i know, i just can't believe how quickly time is flying right now!


  6. Goodness! I am so sorry to hear about the croup going around at your house. That croup cough sound is awful and something that mommies never forget! I hope everyone is on the mend soon!