Product Review: cinda b Lunch Tote

I was recently given the opportunity to review a product for cinda b here on the ol' blog and I jumped at the chance! I knew right away I wanted to try out their new Lunch Tote, as I am always carry around sippy cups and snacks for the girls everywhere I go, and was tired of finding goldfish floating around the bottom of the diaper bag or my purse.

I waited with great anticipation for the Lunch Tote to come. I was super excited to see which pattern they were going to send me (yes, I get excited over stuff like that) and it ended up being the "Roundabout Black" option. Isn't it cute:

Right away I filled it up with all the snacks I usually carry with me on any given outing with the girls: 2 sippy cups, a water bottle for me, a few bags of crackers, a few granola bars, some spoons for Kara in case we eat out-can't use the big honkin silverware at the restaurants for her-then for good measure threw in a sandwich size tupperware case. I could not believe how much this puppy could hold! There was even room for more stuff if needed.

I really liked the side pocket, where I put the little things like the spoons and granola bars. You can also use the pocket to hold an ice pack.

Natalie wanted me to make sure I got a picture of her modeling it to put on the blog.

I've even began using it as a "toddler tote" to carry the few essentials needed on a quick trip out with Kara: wipes, a few diapers, sippy cup and snack holder. Works perfect when you don't want to be lugging a whole diaper bag around!

All in all I have been really pleased with the tote and have gotten a ton of use out of it so far. Here are the highlights:

  • It is very lightweight and flexible
  • It holds a ton of stuff
  • You can throw it in the wash if it gets dirty
  • The adjustable strap with snap lets me attach it to stroller handlebars for easy access
  • The flat bottom lets it stand up on its own, making for easy packing
  • The cute pattern and fun quilted stitching makes it a nice alternative to the ho-hum options usually found for lunch totes (click here to check out all the different pattern options).
I definitely recommend this product, and with the holidays coming up, it or any of the cinda b products would make a great present for the stylish lady in your life!


  1. I just checked out their site... very cool! I love the flat iron cover, so useful for the gym! I'll keep them in mind!

  2. That is wonderful!!!! I want one!

  3. What a beautiful model you have there!