Interior Infatuation: Nurseries

One of my dearest friends is pregnant and due to have a little girl this January. She asked for my advice/opinions/help in decorating the nursery since she knows I'm into that kind of thing. Here's where it gets interesting though: they just sold their house, and when the baby is about three months old they are moving to Nicaragua! It seems both a bit crazy and brilliant to me at the same time. They are in search of a different way of life; simpler, slower pace, more in touch with nature. I give them big props for all they have done to make this dream become a reality.

Moral of the story: I've been stalking pictures of nurseries lately and wanted to post a few of my faves.

The major trend right now seem to be a combo of the colors gray, pink, yellow and/or white with an elephant thrown in for good measure.


  1. great nursery pics! i long a good original design when it comes to baby rooms. enough of the monkeys already! hahaha but no offense if you ever did monkeys. i still love them. ok i'm done now. lol...

  2. omg, my baby clock is ticking looking at these!

  3. I loved the 3rd one, so sweet, so cozy and dreamy!

  4. The second one with the elephant motif is darling. I love it!

  5. I just found your blog and I LOVE it!! It's just darling! I love these sweet nurseries, and the nail color on the post below is fantastic. I'm going to buy it tomorrow!! Eek! Love it!

    I will come back again really soon.


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  7. These are beautiful! Besides the elephant I think giraffes are also on trend right now! These photos make me wish for girl, but do not tell it to my husband :-)

  8. I love how they all use such subtle colors. Forwarded the post on to my pal that is preggers with her first, a little girl!

    Oooh and I just noticed that gold footstool in the last photo and died.

  9. these are all beautiful examples. i love the elephant motif and the use of wall decals. very cute.

  10. Oh... so beautiful.
    I love picture number 6 :)
    Thanks for sharing :)


  11. I would love to recreate the second nursery. so gorgeous.

  12. Swooning over #3. Time for that little girl! Now....I only have to convince the hubs. Ah ha