Family Photo Conundrum: What to Wear???

Happy first Monday in November! Can you believe it is already November? I'm still tripping off that. Hope you all had a great Halloween! Ours was pretty low-key: carved a few pumpkins, made some brownies, ate pizza, went trick-or-treating. You know, the usual.

So my family is getting photos taken this Friday and I am soooo excited because they are the kind I've always wanted to take: by a professional and outside instead of in a studio. I spent all last Friday in the bay area with my bestie looking for outfits for the fam, and I hate to say this, and my bestie is going to kill me, but I'm not sure if I am satisfied with what I got:

For me:

this top

and this sweater to go over it
plan on pairing them with dark skinny jeans and tall brown boots

For Nat:

this dress
to be paired with cream tights specked with gold, brown boots and leopard print headband

For Kara:

this dress:

but then I also got this dress:

now I'm not sure if either is really working for me

to be paired with brown tights and either these gold ballet flats:

or these tan flats with big bows-love them both-can't decide!

Got hubby a brown sweater to be paired with jeans.

I had us try all the outfits on to see how it went, and I felt like it was just sorta...blah. I should have started planning the outfits a long time ago, but my pesky tendency to procrastinate got in the way of that great idea.

So HELP!! Opinions please!

Here are some shots by our photographer in the same location we are using, which might spark some ideas in you:

Fire away in the comments section, pretty please with a cherry on top!


  1. Oh, I so feel you on this stress! We've never done prof pictures but I still have the toughest time trying to pick out coordinating outfits.

    I love what you got... Maybe just through on a short brown/tan or even solid color cardigan over Kara's floral dress. Can't wait to see them!!!

  2. Family photos are so fun! (and a little stressful!) I love all of your clothing choices! I like the brown and white dresses for the girls... then it won't be too busy with pattern (since your top is patterned!) - just my two cents! :)

  3. HI Jackie,

    I'm so excited for you to get your family portraits taken, its also a dream of mine. I really like your choices but also enjoy a good challenge. If you're looking for a little more color ... here's my suggestions:

    Love your top & the sweater - but if possible, trade your cardigan for the turquoise version. Turquoise makes every woman look great and helps your eyes stand out. It will also coordinate beautifully with your childrens outfits

    Moving on to the kids - I love, love, love the floral Gap dress. It will work great outdoors and accentuate your childrens whimsical sides. On your second child may I suggest this adorable hooded cableknit sweater coat


    With a simple skirt like this


    and the shoes and tights you already have.

    The sweater coat will look great with your husbands brown sweater and you guys will look terrific without being matchy, matchy.

    (I tried to choose pieces based on places you've already been so you only have to do minimal leg work)

    Good Luck and whatever you choose, I'm sure y'all will look great!!

  4. The clothes for the girls are great! I like the white dress better than the printed one though. I'm not sold on the top that you picked out for yourself either only because it might not translate in a picture very well. The cardigan and skinny jeans with boots is great, maybe just change the top. I do like the saltwater looks you posed as well, a cute dress with tights and boots would be nice. Maybe something in that greenish color of the last dress photo with the cardigan over it? It's sort of limited time so I can't really post any ideas from the internet.

  5. Love Love all the outfits. I also think the solids for the girls are the best choice. Make sure you get the picture with the kiss on the bridge taken.That picture is fantastic! I have always wanted to have a professional take photos outside of my family like that. You know it's the best time of the year!! I am sure you will all have a blast!

  6. I actually really like the combo you've come up with. I like the little white dress for Kara. Maybe mix it up with some fun patterned tights for them? Or some fun accessories. They'll be darling I'm sure.

  7. Thank yo everyone for your opinions! I appreciate the input. Stopped by Target and found a few things for me and a new option for Kara. Heading to the mall later too. We'll see what shapes up!

  8. family pics are the best. you will treasure them forever. what ever you do be comfortable and make sure it's not something that needs to be shifted a lot.

  9. Something I drummed up, especially for you ... hope you like it