Blast From the Past: Anthro Koi Print Look-Alike!

Way back in the day I posted about a home I had fallen in love with in an issue of BHG. I still count it as one of my all time favorites, and the details of the dining room have never left my memory banks:

Just load it all up and put it in my house now please. One stand out piece in the room was the amazing koi art on the wall, that I found out came from none other than anthropologie, but alas was sold out. Not that I could have afforded it anyway, I believe it was embroidery on linen and cost upwards of $500!

Sooooo, imagine my surprise when I come across this little ditty on the RSH website last week:

I mean, total knock-off right? There is no way they didn't get inspiration from the anthro version. I'm pretty excited to have come across this, because I have spent countless hours (minutes?) in the past trying to find something comparable. Only dilemma is this one isn't exactly cheap either: $299. Ouch. But it is a generous size of 38" x 32". I'll be keeping my eye on it, but if $300 falls from the sky and lands in my backyard tomorrow, you know what I'll be spending it on!

(Check out my post here if you'd like to see photos of the rest of the home.)


  1. It is lovely... both of them. But you are right, it's not like most of us have $300 laying around. Is there any way you could recreate it with supplies from the craft store? hmmmm...

  2. They are both lovely...very Asian, calm, blue water. I can see why you like them, but I would keep looking. I bet there's a knockoff of the knockoff somewhere out there :)

  3. Beautiful colors! Love the that sideboard. Gorgeous!