Weekend Hideaway: Forts!

You know how the other day all I wanted to do was lay around all day in bed? Well this weekend all I want to do is hide away in a cool grown-up fort like these:

I ran across cool site BOOOOOOOM! via the Red Velvet Girls in which they called for photo submissions of people building "Where The Wild Things Are" style forts. Fun! Come get me when the weekend is over, K?


  1. Oh how fun!! I just recently draped chiffon fabric over our guest room four poster/canopy bed. Its so pretty and romantic. I like sleeping in chic simple rooms, but I have this girly pretty guest room and even the guys who come to my house choose this room LOL ( there is something so cozy about a fort, do you remember the one in the movie The Holiday?!)

  2. I LOVED that part in The Holiday where they all hang out in the fort. My little sister and I had a bed tent when we were little that we spent hours playing in!

  3. I've really been wanting to make/get a little tent for my daughter, but these made me want one of my own! How awesome would it be to be able to just say, "I'm going in my fort now, see ya later!"

  4. Have you seen the movie? If so, what did you think? I want to see it but I'm sure it's different from the book.

  5. OMG! i posted about this too. isn't it just amazing! i love all of the forts for all different reasons. some people are so darn clever.

    i am just mad, i didn't know about the contest BEFORE it ended. not that i would of won or anything, i just think a little competition is good for the soul :)
    take care!

  6. I loved forts when I was little! The movie is really good, not a kids movie at all, the entire theater was filled with adults! great post!