Seattle Trip-Day 2

Alright folks, ready for day two? We got up bright and early to hop on a ferry over to Bainbridge Island. I heard it had a nice little downtown area with restaurants and shops, plus I wanted to get out on the water somehow and the ferry was by far the cheapest way! I believe it was around $6 each for a round trip ticket.

Leaving the city behind...

Bye bye Space Needle!

Hello Bainbridge Island!

I could not believe how idyllic the setting was. As the ferry pulled closer and closer I kept oohing and aahing over the lush trees, how beautiful the sun was glistening off the water, and all the amazing houses that dotted the waterfront. It was like the perfect movie setting.

Here is a shot of the ferry pulling in. I had never been on one before so I thought it was pretty neat. The funny thing was most people on board were commuters and take the same ride day after day. They were just sitting inside reading newspapers and such and I could not believe they weren't out enjoying the view!

When we got off the ferry we were starving-of course! My husband was craving some clam chowder and I wanted breakfast so we found this cute little restaurant called Doc's Marina Grill that was serving both.

It was pretty much the best breakfast ever. Beautiful views of the boats docked, a bit of a rustic maritime vibe to the decor which added to the mood and some of the best hashbrowns, eggs and bacon I've had. I tried some of my husband's clam chowder and oh my-it was delicious as well.

After breakfast we strolled around town and ran into these fun little guys made from rock.

Boats, boats and more boats

This was by far the snazziest boat on the block.

Oh, just my dream house, that's all.

A pretty church-this town is the perfect movie set I tell ya!

Pretty store front

One of the shop owners informed us that this cafe is where Giada De Laurentiis stopped in to film one of her Weekend Getaway's shows for the food network. We didn't eat here though, because we were still full from breakfast.

I spotted another cute little cafe with a yellow and white striped awning.

Here are some pics from inside one of my favorite shops on the island, Hollydays. It's where I splurged and bought myself a gurgle pot!

Back on the ferry.

After several hours on the island we felt we had seen it all and better get back to the city. Although I really could have stayed there forever. By far one of the best parts of our trip was the little ferry ride out to Bainbridge.

Once back in town we hit up Pioneer Square, to check out all the historic buildings:

Next we decided to head back to our hotel to rest up a bit from all the walking. On the way there we stopped in the Seattle Public library:

Cool to look at from the outside, but once inside...

Thanks but no thanks. This is the view from the top floor. I started to get dizzy and it felt like the floor was moving underneath me. I could sense a bit of a panic attack coming on and had to get out pronto. Something about the weird geometric shape and the fact that you can see through the top created a very uneasy feeling. No me gusta.

When we finally got back to our hotel at around 5:30 we were so pooped out from the day we ended up just staying in the rest of the night. It was nice just lounging around, watching whatever we wanted on TV (no toddler wanting to watch noggin!) and falling asleep by 10pm. After all, we had another big day ahead of us! Stay tuned...


  1. Bainbridge island is just like a movie! I think they actually have filmed movies there!

    I didn't know those "fish vases" gurgled! I saw one at the antique store for like $5 a few weeks back... now I am wondering if it is still there! I may have to check!

  2. Great photos!
    These posts are reminding me how much I loooove Seattle - must go back for a visit very soon!
    Looking forward to "Day 3" :)

  3. This looks absolutely perfect!

    I just read Firefly Lane (by Kristin Hannah, I highly recommend it!) and one of the settings was Bainbridge Island. I could always picture it in the writing but had never seen it. Now I know! How lovely. Pretty much my dream location too!

  4. I love all your pictures! Makes me want to carry my camera around :)

    I'm now contemplating a weekend on Bainbridge for my spring birthday. Gotta try that chowder, after all!

  5. looks like such a great trip. my husband grew up there (along with a few other places) and always wants to take a trip back one day.

  6. this island...i could soooo live there!
    the boat with the flower cover i love it. and your *dream house* maybe i could move into your basement??? :)
    love that you are sharing these. i've never been to any of these places.

  7. wow! you guys really didn't mess around when you said you were going to seattle. looks like you saw EVERYTHING! that's awesome! love the little shops, historic buildings and oh yes that dream house. sigh.

  8. LOVE IT!!!! Aren't ferry rides so peaceful!

  9. Your trip looks fabulous--makes me want to zip right up there and do the same!


  10. SOunds like a wonderful trip! great pictures!

  11. I love that you went to Bainbridge Island, so many people visit Seattle without going beyond the city limits, glad you enjoyed your time in my fair city!