Obsessing Over: Huuuuge B&W Photos of Your Kids


In the recent Design Sponge sneak peek into Jen Altman's home, I couldn't stop thinking about the ginormous black and white photos of her kids hanging on the wall in her family room. It reminded me of an article in Country Living awhile back featuring Katie Brown's home. I knew I had torn it out and saved it somewhere, so last night I spent at least a good half hour looking for it so I could scan it for you guys.

Image scanned by moi from the May 2008 Country Living issue.

Ta-Da! I was starting to panic a little when I couldn't find it at first. I thought it was a casualty of one of my major house organizing/purging rampages. Many a good soul has been lost to those annual meltdowns (*cough*back Domino issues*cough*). I love so many things about this room: the black and white patterened wingbacks, the green dresser, tall black lamp, big bushy fern, etc. etc. But the kicker is that ginormous black and white photo of her daughter! I'm thinking I need to do this in my home. I mean, I carried them in my womb for nine months and spent hours in labor with them, I think I'm entitled to show them off however I please. Hmmmpph.

If you guys are good, I'll scan the rest of Katie's house and post it later.


  1. LOVE those big pictures... you have me inspired!

  2. I love this look--it's out of character for me, because I don't think we have a single photograph up in our main living spaces (they just didn't seem to "GO" with our design) but I have been questioning that.

    Maybe a huge photo is the way to go!

  3. Love this room too! In fact it's been saved in my inspiration file for a long time with no source. Now I can correctly reference it. Thanks!

    The b/w pic reminds me of a link I found last night while looking through the Little Green Notebook archives. You may have seen it. It 'ages' any pic that you upload. Very cool.


  4. i've always loved that look ever since tommy lee's cribs circa early 2000's. he had HUGE blown up photos of his babies. maybe i'll do that but with my pups. haha.

  5. those are amazing!!! a work of art, truly...

  6. wow, that gives me a great idea for my hubby's bday coming up. any idea where to have pics like this done?

  7. Katie-that is such a good idea to use that effect on the photos! Thanks!

    Mayra-I am on the hunt now for a pic of Tommy Lee's house! And I think one of your pups would be adorable!

  8. I absolutely think you should hang ginormous photos of your kids! If you figure out where to get them made, can you let me know. I have about 21 feet or so wall space over my couch that's just begging to have a big over sized photo above it.

    Thanks for the inspiration + your very sweet comment yesterday!


  9. I loved that entire house tour on DS but especially fell for the big photos. You should do this !

  10. I think you're right!!! I totally need to showcase my little man more. : )