Last Minute Halloween Decorations

In case you aren't all squared away in the Halloween decor department, check out these inventive ideas from Wise Craft:

What I love about these decorations is that she used items that are recycled, upcycled or thrifted and can be found year round. She did the project for Value Village, but we don't have one of those around here, so I am not sure what type of store it is. Perhaps it's equivalent to a Big Lots? Check out all the projects complete with PDF directions here.

My faves are the zombie barbies:

and the creepy silhouettes, which all you need to do is print out and frame!


  1. zombie barbie dolls...BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!! i love it. very clever.

  2. I love decorating for fall!! These look like some fun ideas. I love the spooky silhouettes!

  3. I love the zombie barbies!

    Value Village is more like Goodwill. Depending on the neighborhood, it is either nicer than Goodwill or even sketchier. But it's typically used rather than new discounted items.

  4. How easy yet fabulous are those silhouettes? LOVE them!

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