Country Bumpkins-I Mean Pumpkins

Couldn't let the season go by without sharing a few pumpkin patch pics! We stopped by the one literally a minute away from our house this past weekend. Natalie is already an old pro and can pose in front of the pumpkins like no other:

This was Kara's first year actually knowing what was going on-last year she was only 5 months old. She got so excited seeing the pumpkins, squealing and running all over the place trying to pick them up. Here is her famous scrunched nose smile:

I even managed to get a pic where they were both looking at the camera-success!

Me getting in on the action. It was very early in the morning, hence puffy morning face syndrome. I'm glad we chose a spot with nice background scenery for our pic. Hello there, fork lift, boxes and porta-potties.

Kara lifted that one clear up over her head. She gets her strength from her daddy.

Sisters exploring

A big thank you to everyone who shared their insider tips on Seattle yesterday. I now have a great list of things to try and check out!

Also, check me out over on Whatever Dee Dee Wants today, where I am sharing a favorite fall recipe!


  1. aww i remember loving to go to the pumpkin patch. looks like the ladies had a blast.

  2. Your girls are just adorable! I need to get some pumpkins for the house SOON!

  3. They are sooo cute! What great photos!!!! You all look lovely even with porta-potties in the background!

  4. Love these pumpkin patch photos... too cute!

  5. sometimes, it's the simplest things! i love going now, and remember going when i was little. great pics.

  6. Your little ladies are adorable!!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun...be sure to post carving pictures!

  7. So cute! And how much fun is the pumpkin patch?! I love them. We went last year but this year things have been so nuts that I imagine we'll get our pumpkins from Safeway...

  8. Those munchkins are beyond precious. I can't wait to take the dude to go pick out our pumpkins!