Just When I Thought The Day Couldn't Get Any Worse...

So last night I felt the beginnings of a sinus infection coming on, and sure enough today I am miserable. Not only am I miserable, but my husband has one too. So now I have to take care of that big baby-because men are such babies when they are sick, am I right?-instead of just myself and my other two actual babies Kara & Nat.

Anywho-I had to go to the store this morning because we were seriously out of every possible thing we would want to eat or drink around here. I dragged myself to the store, taking Natalie with me so husband baby could take a nap while Kara baby took hers. Here's where my day went south: Miley Cyrus' new song came on the radio. And OMG I can not get it out of my MOTHA FLIPPIN head!!! How do they do it? What messed up subliminal messages are these songs sending us when we can't get them out of our head?

Click on it. Please. Misery loves company.


  1. OMG! I heard people talk about this. I thought everyone was exaggerating about the way she was dancing. And what's with the pole? I think this was a little too much for the teen choice awards.

  2. Oh Jackie that sucks! I understand both sinus infections and BIG babies! I feel for ya..

  3. Oh, dear! Hope you feel better very soon!

  4. ha! you're so right about everything...men, sinus infections and silly songs we hate but can't get out of our head!!
    hope you and your big baby, i mean hubby, will get better over the weekend!

  5. That's terrible! You need to combat that with something like Vanilla Ice!

  6. I just jumped over here from Tristan's Blah Blah Blahg to see your Blogger Book posts (great idea!!). So why-oh-why did I click on the Miley video????? Total earworm city. THANKS.