How YOU Love September

You guys left such great answers on my September post the other day, that I wanted to share a few here.

Kara said (great name, btw):

"Football games and hot chocolate. Soccer matches too. My favorite jeans and hoodies. Fall TV-I love Joel McHale too. My fireplace and curling up on the couch with a good book or movie. Planting some mums in my flower pots."

Mums! Oh how I love the fall mums.

Tippyrich said:

"Hmmm, what do i love about september? ahh..the leaves are beginning to change; garden harvest; canning a few things; cooler temperatures; sweaters; yummy soups for lunch; a fire in the fireplace in the evening. Fall is my very most favorite season!"

Yum-I just love a good butternut squash soup in the fall.

This Blessed Nest

"where do i begin??? the weather. sweaters. pumpkin spice lattes (ditto). tights. a richer hair color (just being honest - ha!) leaves. football & tailgating. long shadows. cool night on the porch. i'll stop, because really i could go on..."

Ooh, long shadows-I like that! And thanks for reminding me I need to schedule my next hair coloring Kellie!

Filipa said:

"I honestly don't get people who DONT like september and autumn! I have so many little celebrations about it and rituals and many of them appeared on your list! :) we just baked pie today, and i made a trip to stationary store on tuesday !:) theres corn and hot chocolate in my kitchen just waiting for me, and i can hear the rain fiddling outside of my window. Ah, life is beautiful!"

Some nice, new stationary for fall sounds like a great idea!

Hope you all have a wonderful first weekend of September!


  1. makes me want to go pick up some new mums today! I just adore mums...

  2. love it! i just planted some pretty mums in one of my pots. hopefully i don't kill them too soon. i love everything about fall. this post just got me even more excited! hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. That mum snap reminds me of my mom. She was a fan of them. :) Happy September to you too!

  4. yup that pretty much sums fall up. mmm...butternut squash soup...

  5. That was a great list. I love the change of seasons. And I planted my mums yesterday. :)

    I forgot how much I love the trees on campus. The leaves change the into the most amazing red and gold. (I work for my alma mater and our colors happen to be red and gold.) :)

  6. happy weekend to you too!
    I love all seasons. I can't imagine living in a place where it would be summer all year long, those people miss so much!

    your blog is very pretty :)

  7. how did i miss this post?

    well, maybe i know. seems like here lately, i'm just trying to stay afloat. anyways, thanks for the shout out! i love hearing what others are looking forward to...you have such a clever way of incorporating "others" on your blog. i love it.

  8. I just noticed you posted my comment! :) Aw how sweet, Jackie!! :) That just made my day now there! :)