Blogger Book Fair: Maegan of Little Twig Birdhouse

This week's guest at the Blogger Book Fair is dear sweet Maegan, pen pal extraordinaire, avid book reader, aspiring writer and blogger at a little twig birdhouse. She is also 35 weeks pregnant and just moved into her first home! Congrats Maegan! You can read more about her exciting life at her blog after checking out her book suggestions:

Marching Powder by Rusty Young
This book is amazing, I could not put it down. It's a true story about South America's strangest prision. Inmates in this prison are able to come and go, hold down jobs, invite friends over, have family live with them . . . but it is definitely not all "happy go lucky", there is a dark side. This is not an upbeat read, but it is an eye opener and a very though provoking story.

Stone 588 by Gerald A Browne
I have read this mystery / suspense / drama filled story numerous times. Stone 588 is a diamond of rare quality, has healing powers that only the owner knows about, but when it is stolen from him, the mystery begins to find the theif, and there is murder, double cross, and intrigue. A very clever and exciting read. This was my first read by Gerald A. Browne, but have since read all of his novels, and this remains my favorite. It is a masterpiece!

Early Bird
by Rodney Rothman
Looking for a quick and funny book? Rodney Rothman is the answer. He took the wish we all have: "I'm so tired of working, I wish I could retire early" to the next level. Rodney retires at age 28, moves to Florida and finds a roommate at a retirement community. The adventures and stories he has over the next 6 months are absolutely laugh out loud!

The Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher
One of the best books I have ever read! The main character is Penelope, the novel is beautifully written and shifts easily from past to present, recounting Penelopes life and that of her three children. The story begins with Penelope's news to her children that she has suffered, and is recovering, from a heartattack. The reactions of each adult child to this news is different, thus delving into the past of each and understanding their family dynamics. For those who like "family saga" novels, this one is outstanding.

Thanks Maegan for stopping by today!
BTW, I will be posting a new list every Wednesday. I am continually looking for lists, so please email me if you would like to participate!

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