Blogger Book Fair: Jamie of I Suwannee

Starting things off at the Blogger Book Fair this week is Jaime of the blog I Suwannee and biz Furbish Design. Being the bookcase connesuir that Jamie is, I was excited to see her opinion on what to line those shelves with:

My decorating bible. Literally.

Thom Felicia Style
My Holy Qur'an of decorating.

Anything by T.C. Boyle, but Drop City is a great start.
T.C. Boyle is such a phenomenal writer. Every book is totally different and he completely immerses you in a new world each time.

Dragon Fly in Amber-the second book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
Because I am one book in and totally hooked, Twilight style hooked.

David Hicks: Designer
It's mammoth and pretty and expensive.

The Royal Palaces of Tudor England
I'm smitten with all things English and royal, especially the Tudors.

Penguin Clothbound Classics.
Clearly, I want these. So do you.

Great picks, Jaime, and you are right, I do want those Penguin Clothbound Classics. Badly.

Check in tomorrow when Melanie of you are my fave is stopping by the book fair.


  1. Fun series Jackie! Great picks!

  2. I am such a book nerd! I love this series because I am always so nosy about what people are reading. I put it on Facebook all the time... it's so interesting to see what others are reading! I love the Penguin books too... that's a great idea to give to friends and family for gift ideas (I hate the dreaded question at the holidays... "what do you want....") I bought myself a new book this weekend. I have been SO good about the library... but decided to splurge!

    Fun series Jackie!

  3. So fun... what a great idea Jackie!

  4. I have SO many books...but those clothbound Penguins need to find a way to my overcrowded bookcase. They'd be so much prettier than the orange/white paperback penguins I have sitting here.

  5. Great series! :-) Look forward to see what additions to my amazon wishlist are up for tomorrow!

  6. I already packed some of my books for the move and have been thinking "hmm, those shelves look awfully empty now..."

    I love the domino book too. I may have to check out some of Jamie's other picks!

  7. Love this series! I'm a huge bookworm so it's so fun to see what my other favorite bloggers are reading!

  8. how cute! i love this series. i'm always looking for some good decor books.

  9. i'm on book 2 of the outlander series, too! it's really quite good, isn't it?

  10. This is a seriously great idea for a series--so fun!

  11. what a fantastic series! so many books to add to my list:)

  12. That Domino book holds a very proud place on my coffee table!

  13. I love love love T.C. Boyle, especially Drop City! I just finished Riven Rock last night, and it was fabulous. Highly recommended.

  14. I have the Thom Filicia book and it is awesome. I've got the Domino book on my wish list, and am also drooling over those Penguin clothbound classics.

  15. I can't wait to get a few of the books listed...I do have the Domino and could not agree more with her!-carlee