A Smile A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I think this is pure genius. One smile for each day of the year. A long time ago my mom told me that there was actual research showing that if you are in a bad, nasty, fowl old mood all you have to do is smile for a few seconds and it will physiologically lift your spirits. You might look like a madwoman smiling in the middle of the store while your kids are having simultaneous tantrums, but hey-what have you got to lose at that point anyway? This poster, for me, serves as a great reminder of this little trick. Available here from the etsy shop Eva Juliet. Thanks to Jess for the intro to this shop.

Oh, and my husband is working late again, and I had a very long day with the kids who both decided to wake up early and skip naps. *Smiles*


  1. so true and sometimes forcing myself to smile even when i really don't want to kind of makes me feel better!

  2. What a cute idea. I like that all the smiles are slightly different.

    I'm having a tough time forcing a smile today, but I will try! So ready for the weekend!!!

  3. This is too cute. Thank you!

    And screw the apple a day thing, the smile's where it's at! :)