Room Re-Do: Entry Ideas

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a great weekend! I sat around mulling over what to do next around Casa de SPPN. I've had an entry update on the back-burner for quite some time, and I think this may be the time to get around to it. I have a few options swirling around in my head and essentially want to turn this little nook into a seating area:

I want to put a bench with storage for shoes and a padded seat that I can recover in some cool fabric. I will also be painting the walls a new, yet undetermined color. Here are two bench options I like so far:

I like the look of the first better, but the only negative is that you need to lift up the seat to get to the storage. I was thinking of putting a few throw pillows on top, so that would be a bit inconvenient to have to move the pillows every time we wanted to get to the shoes. Option two I like because it has the baskets on the bottom, making it easier to get to the shoes, but am not as thrilled with the overall look of it.

Here are some of the fabric options I am considering:

Option one reminds me a bit of the fabric from hable construction, which I have always loved.

I still love Ikat. The blue would match the colors in my family room, but the red would be a welcome contrast.
Perhaps I should go bold with one of the patterns above?

OR-leave the bench seat white and go wild with the pillows like so:

Via Black & Spiro

What do you all think? Care to put in your two cents?


  1. This is a tough one! You have SO many awesome options... I love the blue IKAT, I really like option 2 for the small scale pattern. But I do have to say, my personal favorite these days is the white with the multi-colored throw pillows. I am working on doing that on my own sofa these days.

    And to confuse you even more... I really like the photo of how it is now... love the artwork! (that artwork would integrate well with multi-colored pillows... ) :)

    There's my two cents. Happy Monday!

  2. i really like the first bench. i wish i had a little nook area like yours. i am loving that whole bench in the entry look. i see your reason for liking bench #2 as well but i say #1.

  3. I vote to leave the seat white and go insane with colorful pillows! I am a commitment phobe - what can I say!

  4. All lovely, but I am really drawn to the funky monkey the mostest! So much fun!

  5. I love that first bench! But if you like the functionality of the second, maybe you could make little doors to open and close instead of using the baskets??? No idea how to do that, but maybe?

    And that last photo with the white bench and colorful pillows just made my day! Love it!

  6. I like the first bench with the blue ikat fabric. But I like the the idea of a random mix of throw pillows too.

  7. I like the look of the first bench too but you might like the quick-use of the baskets on the second bench. My husband made this bench

    for shoe storage in our home and it's great because it's open, and allows quick access and enough air circulation to keep shoe storage from getting stinky! (thats why I'm thinking the basket bench might be best?)

    Looks like a fun project. I love option one in your small scale fabric and also the funky monkey. Have fun!

  8. Jen-Thanks for the link-what a lovely piece your husband made! I hadn't thought of ventilation for the shoes, I will definitely keep that in mind.

    Thanks for everyone's votes so far!

  9. In my opinion I like the bench in Option 2. I know for myself if I put dec pillows on that bench it would be such a hassle to lift the seat up and move the pillows every time I needed to get to something....and I like the idea of keeping it white too so you can switch out the pillows...and you can always change the fabric later. -carlee

  10. I would go with #2 for ease of use and decorative pillows, so you can change things up whenever you feel like it. : )

  11. I'm doing a bench project right now too!

    I vote for the bench with the baskets beneath, and my fave fabric is the Funky Monkey, it's beautiful!

  12. I'm all about aesthetics first and function second (this will most likely change when I have kids...) but I like option 1 with small scale patter #2. Reminds me of Rita Konig's couch reupholstery in her new Times blog. It's a small enough piece that going bold still isn't TOO bold (my second pick is the bold fabric number 1). I think the place to go neutral with throw pillows is a large sofa or something. Have some fun!

  13. What abt the second one with spray painted baskets or different baskets all together. Love the second option in the small scale fabric and the first option in the misc category.

  14. I think that instead of decorating a house by myself, can you just come over and go buck wild? I can pay you in cocktails. Have I left this comment before? Because I think it about every day.