Back To School Shopping: 77 kids

Natalie starts preschool in just a few short weeks, and I am pretty excited about starting the ritual of back to school shopping! This week on the ol blog is devoted entirely to all things back to school related!

77 Kids has some adorable fall clothing in their line-up. Here are a few faves:

I wish this stuff was in my size!!


  1. ADORABLE! It's like adult clothes for little kids... love those mocs! I just did all Target stuff for my little gal... they have adorable stuff this season!

  2. I would totally wear that jacket in the middle.

    I remember one year when I was maybe 8 or 9 and wanted to be treated like a grown-up, and all my clothes were from the school uniform section: pleated skirts, jewel-tone patchwork vest (with gold buttons!), navy stretch pants, and lots of turtlenecks with cardigans. Little penny loafers. I looked like a tiny lawyer. My hippy parents were mortified, but to their credit they let me pick what I wanted!

  3. I especially wish that middle coat was my size! Lol.

  4. Love the whole last row. Too cute!

  5. so cute... I am thinking ellie needs the moccasins.