Since U Been Gone

Well, since I been gone anyway. Here's what I've been up to...

Had a blast at The Renegade Craft Faire in SF. I've never seen so many cool crafty people in one spot! Inspiring! And the pic in the bottom left hand side above was the highlight of the day: this guy rolled up on his bicycle/piano combo and started playing out front. Awesome.

Hit up the Alameda County Fair, which is the nicest, cleanest fair I have ever been to. Can you believe they had a graceful, majestic deer in their petting zoo? Never in all my life!

Met Miss Aimee! She is SO cool, artsy, funny, interesting...the list goes on and on. And full of great advice too. So happy to have been able to meet her!

Lastly, Kara has found a new favorite "toy" to play with. Good times.

(And yes, I know I do the whole hand on the hip pose too much. Give me a break, I'm practicing for all those red carpet moments that I know are in my future.)


  1. OMG that is HILARIOUS. playtex toys...nice. LOL.

    so hey you were in my neck of the woods. i have yet to go to any fairs. looks like fun!

  2. Very enjoyable post.

    And don't sweat the pose thing. The hand on the hip pose is far superior to the hand on knees, head cocked sorority pose that I still revert to after too many cocktails.

  3. Cuuuute dress! Love it. Looks like a lot of fun, sunshine, and your little girls :) Perfect mommy blogging break.

    You two (Aimee and yourself) look so great. I can't wait till you're up here to visit :)

  4. oh that festival looks cool. your too sweet...thanks for your kind sweet words.

  5. I do the hand on the hip all the time to avoid the arm spread. ah ha. And Miss Kara is having an awfully good time with the feminine products!

  6. okay, so i took a peak of this post earlier, but couldn't comment. due to who knows what. but thanks to you, i have had kelly clarkson in my head ALL DAY singing the title of this post. seriously.
    looks like you had some goodtimes while you were on a summer holiday!
    love the 'toys' for your little girl. hysterical.

  7. Jackie!

    I can't believe you were at SF renegade and I didn't get to meet you!! :(

    Next time :) hope you had a good time!


  8. Great post...It all looks like so much fun. have a great weekend.