Round 'Em Up Friday

Oops, took a little unplanned blog break yesterday. Spent the day getting a good dose of Vitamin D out in the kiddie pool with the girls.

To make up for it I've rounded up some extra awesome goodies for you this week. Giddy up....

I think I would be a bit more enthused about getting up in the morning if this setup were waiting for me out on the kitchen table. Via Just Be Splendid.
The perfect summer BBQ outfit, and the whole shebang will only set you back 95 bucks.
Via Fashion Under $100

This picture does it for me. The bold buggy necklace, the black and white striped top, the gorgeous hair and makeup and of course the chocolate that I want to reach in and grab from her grubby little paws.
Via dream everyday

Loving Jessica's jewelry storage she snagged from World Market's going outta biz sale.
Via Noel Marie

The coolest kid threads ever on Sweet As A Candy.

True dat...via Quote Book

I don't drink whisky, but this kinda makes me want to give it a whirl. Via That is All

In closing, I think this is how we should all spend our weekend. Dressed up in our Sunday's finest, sprawled out and doodling on a giant piece of canvas. Send me pics if you do! Via driving over lemons.


  1. i love little egg holders, and the first pic you posted has a great one!

    hope you have a great weekend!:)

  2. Oh wow!
    Happy weekend darling!

  3. I'm totally digging the end of week wrap-up. Thanks for the mention!

  4. So much prettiness here, my head is spinning! But I do love the idea of spending my weekend doodling on a giant piece of canvas. Perhaps I'll have to save that one for another weekend. :)

  5. love that bold colors quote and the incredible white dress on the last pic!

  6. Oh wow! I just love that buggy necklace--truly divine! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love the Alexis B photo, she is just so beautiful. I loved her in the really sweet movie Tuck Everlasting (fantastic book) she played the sweet innocent with the peaches and cream complextion perfectly. And I'd love to grab the necklace while you are getting the chocolate. Come on, we can take her.