Family Beach Trip in Pics + Pen Pal Update

We had such a great time last weekend at Half Moon Bay!

A few notes about the pen pals:

I have gotten a great response so far! A few people were wondering if it is too late-it is not! I'm going to start matching people up next Monday, so try and email me before then. After that day if I still get any requests, I will pair people up as they come in.

I forgot to mention if you have a blog, send me the link to it in your email as well.

Also, I have several requests for international pen pals, but so far only people in the U.S. have signed up. Where are my international peeps at? Sign up, you are in high demand!


  1. u.s. or not u.s. whichever is fine with me!

    Kelley at My Island Wedding is at

    Can't wait to see who I'm matched up with!

    It's really quite exciting! It's kind of like computer dating!

    pick me someone cute! just kidding...

  2. Love the pictures of you and your fam. The girls are so cute, and the pictures of the...lanturn things? is awesome. :)

  3. your children are so adorable! it looks like you had a blast.

  4. you and your family are too stinkin cute. i miss the beach...sigh. looks like a great day.

  5. I love Half Moon Bay. My mom used to live there. Looks like you got some sunny weather. Lucky you!

  6. Great pic! Love that last one... Exactly where I want to be!

  7. you and your girlies are soooo adorable! I love those hanging glass buoys too... what an awesome picture to take :)