Simple Delights Swap

I signed up for Jill's simple delights swap recently in an effort to get something in the mail rather than bills and pizza coupons. Plus, I loved the idea behind the swap:

"And along the lines of abundance I have just been smitten with the idea of simple delights lately. Just the little small things that make you smile, that are worth going the extra distance for and that one by one will change your life and your outlook on it...
...put together a small package containing a simple pleasure. It could be gourmet candy, some flower seed packets, some silly postcards, a sweet little trinket, etc - don't spend a lot of money - it's more about the thoughtfulness and the simplicity - finding joy in ordinary places."

I ended up being Jill's partner, and received her fun package in the mail on Monday:

It contained a composition book, a fresh little box of crayons and some Jolly Ranchers. It immediately made me smile. Her note said to have some "old school" fun with it and required "No sharing with your kids!". It was funny because not two seconds after I had opened the package Natalie asked "Ooh, is that for me?". I haven't colored in it yet, because I am a bit stuck as to where to start. A big blank journal has always intimidated me. It really shouldn't be that hard right? You must be thinking "Just color in it for goodness sakes, it's not rocket science." Any tips or prompts for me from journalers/artists out there?

To see what I sent Jill, check out her post here. I am so happy she liked what I sent. To be honest, I knew she would because I am pretty sure we were separated at birth. She may host one again in the future, so holler at her if you would be interested in joining in.


  1. Buy yourself some of the colored masking tape and tape all sorts of paper bits in there (receipts, clothing tags, movie stubs). A good way to remember things you've done without cluttering.

  2. yikes i'm behind, i'll be mailing mine tomorrow!

  3. That is a fabulously fun package!

  4. What an adorable little package. I want one!!

  5. Oh, what a cute little surprise! Make me want to go to the store and get some jolly ranchers. Love what you sent her too!

  6. Jackie-- I love this idea! I found a cool magazine last year that had a similar idea. Except instead of items it just collected stories of everyday life. I believe it was called "Seeing the Everyday." It was meant to show just how beautiful and lovely little everyday moments and things are-- things like making dinner, writing in a journal, weeding with you Mom, etc. They also collected beautiful pictures of these things, classic recipes, etc. I love the idea of just lovin' the simple everyday things. :) None of this surprizes me from you. :)