The Look For Less: Christopher Spitzmiller Lamps

I received a Restoration Hardware Baby catalog in the mail about a week ago, and while most of it was pretty snooze inducing, my mouth pretty much dropped to the floor when I saw a lamp that was the spitting image of my beloved Christopher Spitzmiller Gourd lamps. At only $119 for the lamp base, it's a steal compared to the $1000+ you would pay for a Spitzmiller.

Pretty dead-on, right? Other children decor stores always seem to have great lamp options on the cheap as well:

Hi-Light Task Lamp-$79 from PB Teen
I would love the yellow one for my computer desk.

Geometric Lamp Base- Reg. $59 on clearance for $19.99! From PB Teen
I really don't have a spot for one of these in my home, but for $19.99 it doesn't even matter!

Cork Bulletin Board Lamp-$69 from Land of Nod
Tack on some photo-booth pics to recreate Loeffler Randall's look from Domino:

Daisy Chandelier-$119 from Land of Nod
I picture this one hanging in a kitchen like this:

So next time you are in the market for a new lamp, check out a few children's stores!


  1. What a fabulous selection of lighting!!

  2. Lovely finds! I adore the kitchen on the last photo and chandelier would look perfect there!

  3. pb teen really does have good deals on lamps (i was so surprised the first time i saw this). i might need to get that lamp, or both.

  4. Oh, I have been so wanting a cork lamp and never thought to look at childrens store. Truly brilliant Jackie.

  5. I haven't looked at PB Teen in a while, but those are cute lamps! Like Blair, I've been wanting a cork lamp and everywhere was saying "oh they're so hard to find and expensive" and I'm just too lazy to try to make one, so this is a nice compromise! Thanks!

  6. Those are some really neat lamps. Hope I remember the ideas for when I have kids someday. :)

  7. Love the Restoration Hardware find! I always pop into the PB kids store for a little guilty shopping, pretending to be a mom but really checking out some pretty cool stuff just for me.

  8. Love the coloured lamps... you'd have to get a few for the effect though. Might be a bit of light overkill ;)

  9. Oh I agree the yellow task light is awesome, great finds (always!)

  10. Loving this website! The Bulletin Board Lamps???? I had to laugh because I actually made a bulletin board lampshade last month for an article on eHow.com It's a recycled craft and super easy to do. Thanks for sharing. Pam Irie (veryirie)