Guest Post by Maggie: Summer Fashions

So Maggie of magchunk and I have switched blogs today to spice things up a bit. I know you are going to love what she has come up with for you guys today.

So without further adieu, Heeeeeeeere's Maggie!

Hi SPPN readers! I'm Maggie and I can usually be found over at magchunk, where I write about inspiring interiors, pretty things I can't afford, and throwing parties along the way!

I love fashion, and any chance for me to come up with a "dream outfit" for a particular situation, I jump at it. So when Jackie suggested I come up with some outfits for summer activities I just couldn't refuse. Here you are, my dears :)

For drinking cocktails by moonlight with your favorite girls

casual glamour

For sitting around the campfire with your new guitar-playing boyfriend

Hippie Chic

For your ex's summer wedding (sweater optional, lipstick required!)

For strolling through the farmer's market looking for the good peaches

For a lazy day at the beach. Or pool. Or backyard... whatever.

Pina Colada

Warm Weather Office Layers

Thanks Maggie, for the awesome fashion inspiration! I'll take one of everything please. You've outdone yourself, once again!

If you guys miss me (which you better), come on over to
magchunk today where I am "Obsessing Over" something yet again (Hint: it involves Navy + Brights).


  1. i LOVE those first earrings! Fabulous !!!!

  2. the camping and farmers market outfit are so me!

  3. I love the campfire outfit! Makes me hungry for smores!

  4. Great outfits! I really like the campfire one. Well done.

  5. how wonderful !!! I really like the everyday selection ...

  6. Fabulous outfits! Love the pink Steve Maddens and straw clutch!

  7. These are all great ensembles... I think my favorites are the campfire and the farmer's market..

  8. Great job, I like them all but my favorite one is the beach outfits.

  9. love all of these outfits but especially the bright 'ex wedding' one. ha!

  10. I love them all. Especially that farmer's market one...so cute!

  11. Great outfits! Especially like the farmer's market and the campfire outfits!