The Good LOOK For Less Giveaway Winner!!

Happy Monday folks! How was your weekend? Mine was actually pretty productive, which you will hear more about later this week. As for now, it is time to reveal the winner of Jill's good LOOK for less consultation! To refresh your memory, the winner will receive a mini summer wardrobe inspiration board of about 5-6 outfits! Okay, enough with the gabbing. The winner is:

Lucky #31, which was Meghann! Congrats!

And get this, it was Meghann's second entry that she got for posting about the giveaway on her blog that scored her this win. See, it counts to help spread the word!

Meghann said:

"This was such an inspiring interview. My favorite part was reading about how she dresses to suit her current lifestyle...being a mom but still finding ways to express her unique personality through fashion, yet keeping it suitable to her daily life. I just had a baby almost 3 months ago and am so frustrated with this "transition" body of mine, as nothing fits. Perhaps I'm just having unrealistic expectations and need to simply accessorize more to feel better about my wardrobe. Or, perhaps I need to lovingly embrace the body (with all of its new quirks) that God gave me which allowed me to have my precious daughter."
I feel ya Meghann, as I have been in that exact situation before -and twice! So excited to see what Jill comes up with for you! Please email me so I can get you in touch with Jill.

Thank you so much to all who entered! I'm so happy you all enjoyed the interview and are in love with Jill's style as much as I am! For those of you who didn't win, don't forget that you can still have Jill whip your wardrobe into shape! For all the details, click here or email Jill at goodlifeforless(at)gmail.com for more info.


  1. Yeah Meghann! Can't wait to work with you... I have two little ones, so I know JUST what you are going through too!

  2. I'm so excited! My sister-in-law was just asking about this, as she read about it on my blog. Thanks Jackie for the awesome giveaway, and I can't wait to work with Jill!