You Had Me at Yellow Zig Zags and a Succulent Bouquet

I don't post many weddings around here, but ohmygoodness this one is so perfect it hurts.

A unique bridal bouquet of succulents, yellow yarrow and yellow crespedia balls.

The bride designed all of the printed materials.

The juxtaposition between the fluffy pomanders and the sleek silver orbs is eye catching.

Coolest wedding party photo ever.

A reception by a palm tree lined pool=laid back California style at its finest.
The amazing firepit was used to to roast marshmallows by.

A post-wedding plunge in the pool? Perfect.

Wedding designed by La Partie Events, originally seen on Style Me Pretty.

View more wedding photos at the amazing photographers' site Erin Hearts Court. Also, check out their engagement photos here and here, which are equally as awesome as their wedding.

If you view the rest of the pics out-don't you think the bride looks like a cross between Fiona Apple and Maggie Gyllenhaal? So pretty.


  1. That might be one of the coolest weddings ever... that bridal party portrait looks like it's straight off a promotional poster for a cool late night show. And those invites? Swoon.

  2. Wow. That looks like the most ridiculously fun wedding ever. Nothing could top roasting marshmallows. And then you add a dip in the pools, gorgeous decor and perfect invites.... to awesome for words.

  3. i loved her pictures! possibly the most beautiful wedding i've seen. hmm.. maybe i can hire her for my own someday!

  4. I have been completely swooning over this wedding. Love, love the color scheme and that bouquet, wow!

  5. So so pretty! Love the pops of yellow. They look like they are having too much fun!

  6. that wedding looks like a blast but my favorite thing is the bouquet. its gorgeous.

  7. You're absolutely right. those invitations are a dream come true, and the whole thing looks like the coolest wedding ever. thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great wedding! I loved the photography. Thanks for sharing. It was a very inspirational post for me.

    And yes... Fiona/Maggie for sure!