Vegas Recap Part II-The Wedding

I promised a recap of the wedding, so here are a few pics:

The ceremony was held at The Wynn in their outdoor wedding courtyard. Giant palm trees flanked the edges, a fountain trickled in the corner, and a sweeping view of the hotel could be seen in the background.

The reception was held at Daniel Boulud, a restaurant also at The Wynn. Here is a shot of the interior. It's a kind of wonky pic, but I wanted you guys to see the cool ceiling!

Here's a shot of my "Duo of Beef" meal. Yeah, we hit up Denny's later that evening.

The stunning cake.

Me & the Hubby with cheesy grins after a few glasses of vino.

Later that evening, the newly married couple treated guests to a VIP section at the club Blush. Here are BFF and me after our outfit change, ready to party hardy. I must admit, I felt rather fancy livin' it up VIP style in Vegas!

Try to ignore the shenanigans going on in the forefront of this pic, as the main purpose of posting this photo is so you can check out the cool lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Hmm, I guess I have a thing for interestingly decorated ceilings. Who knew?

Here's a small portion of the bevy of beverages offered when you order bottle service. Blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol.

I leave you with the pic I took while walking balk to our hotel (no, we did not stay at the Wynn, WAY too pricey for us!) at 4 in the morning.

Next installment will be of all the other random fun we had while in Vegas, which includes a bit of Wayne Brady and a filming of COPS. Intrigued?


  1. What fun - you look like you had the best time. And I love those lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I just went to an outdoor wedding where they had them hanging from the trees and perched at the base of the bushes. So pretty!

  2. Ok that plate of food is seriously pretty, but it would indeed leave a girl hankering for more.

    And I am SO intrigued about the next installment. Wayne Brady and COPS... tell me those two are linked together in this story because that would be hysterical!

  3. What a beautiful cake! I agree, that dinner looked a little light on the, uh, food side. Hope the bride knew that's what they were getting! And your dress is lovely! Where'd you find it?


  4. Maggie-The black dress was my bridesmaid dress from a bridal store in our town. The blue dress I scored at Macy's on the clearance rack. It was the last one there, was orig $170, was on clearance for I think $60, and I had $30 gift cert, so I only paid $30 out of pocket! I just love a great deal.

  5. So fun!!! I need a weekend in Vegas!

  6. Okay, you are so cute! Looks like a fun time!