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I was recently tagged by the lovely Paula of two ellie.

The question: What are five things you love about being a mom?

1. I am still a fairly new parent (my oldest is three, youngest almost a year) so I love that every. single. day. I learn something new about parenting and about my girls. I suppose that never changes though, huh?

2. I LOVE the silly things that Natalie comes up with. She is hilarious. The other day she was asking me a question about the moon, and I told her I didn't know and would have to find out for her. She responded with "Oh, are you going to look on the internet at moon.com?" I have no idea where she got this from and I was laughing for days.

3. I love how being a mom puts you back in touch with the simple pleasures in life, like swinging on a swing, chasing butterflies and wishing on dandelions.

4. I love that I now know the location of every bathroom in every store/restaurant/supermarket within a twenty mile radius of our home. Let's just say after Natalie was potty trained she found a new affinity for public restrooms.

5. I love seeing the differences in personality between my two girls. After I had Natalie I couldn't imagine what another child of ours would be like. I figured they would look and act exactly like her. Silly, right? Now that I have Kara, it opens up a whole new dimension to our family. Since day one Natalie has been feisty, determined, outgoing and full of energy. Kara is quiet, shy, sweet and full of smiles. They are both perfect in their own unique ways and I couldn't be prouder of the both of them.

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  1. This is so sweet. Thanks for the positive look on things. Sometimes I talk myself out of having kids because of all the complaining.

  2. what, only 5?
    thanks for giving me a high 5 and tagging me.

  3. Oh my goodness I feel so honored. Especially since this is the second time I've been tagged this week. And of course I've never been tagged before this. I'll respond next week I promise!

    I love your answers. Especially the silly questions. I can't wait to get to that stage. Have a lovely weekend sweetie, xo

  4. Love this. So sweet. I too love the randomness that comes out of my daughters mouth.

  5. This post is so beautful. I love all the simple things I get to notice again now that I have a kid. And it's fun to hear about your girls. Thanks for the tag. :)

  6. So sweet. I just love reading these. Your girls are adorable~

  7. Oh my gosh ... tagged and it took me an entire week to notice. For shame. I hate it when work gets in the way of my blog writing and reading. However, I appreciate this, as I have been trying to think what to write about next. Many thanks!