A Change'll Do You Good

Hello lovely blog readers! I wanted to let you know I have some changes up my sleeve for around my little corner of the blogosphere. I have had so many ideas swirling around in my head for quite some time that I never get around to doing, so I figured if I state my intentions here for all to see it will get my butt in gear.

Here are a few changes that you may be interested in:

1. Updating Links

If you link here, let me know! Don't be shy...I don't bite. I mean, even if I did, I wouldn't be able to through the computer anyway. I would love to add you to my "link love" list I want to create, but it won't be much of a list if I don't know you are out there! So take this opportunity to come out of lurkdom and introduce yourself!

2. Sponsors

I am taking a cue from Miss Aimee and would like to offer FREE ad space in my side bar for you lovely readers with businesses. I don't ever plan on charging either, so once you are in, you can relax. I won't be springing up any charges on you. All you would need to do is email me your graphic for me to use. I'm not very computer savvy, so it would have to already be the right size (whatever that may be) so that I don't have to fool around with it.

3. Comment Responses

I really appreciate the time that every one takes to leave me a quick little comment. I have made some wonderful friends this way, and am so thankful for that. In order to get more of a dialogue going with you all, I am going to begin responding to comments in the comment section. So just check the little box that says something like "email me future comments on this post" to be updated on my responses. Believe it or not, I had no idea people did this until recently. I always pondered on the best way to get back to people, and I think this would be the easiest way.

That is all for now, folks. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any ideas/thoughts/opinions on things you would like to see around here. Let me know if there is more or less of something you would like to see me post about. I started this blog for me, with no intentions of anyone ever reading (as you can tell if you check out me earliest posts-wait, don't they are pretty embarassing) but it has evolved into something more than I could have ever imagined and now I blog not just for me, but for you lovelies as well!


  1. I put your link on my blog after the Blog Music Party Week :)

  2. Pretty sure you all ready know, but I link to you! :)

    ...and I would love to send you a graphic for my etsy shop. Just let me know what size you want it.

    I think your blog is pretty perfect as it is, but these changes look like fun!

  3. You're so cute! I've been a poor excuse for a blogger since Mary Clare arrived, but I do love reading what you post!

    I'm going to send this to my friend who just put up some of her amazing hand-made and hand-water colored baby books on etsy.

  4. This all sounds great... Whenever I get my shop up, I'd love to put an ad up. Thanks!!

    Love the commenting back... I started to over at my place, just bc there are so many nice posts and I want to respond back. I forget abt that little future comments option. Great ideas!

  5. yeah! what fun changes too! Yeah, the entire commenting thing is weird. I used to think people were rude and never got back to me and then discovered the did on their post(woops). Maybe we should all put sokmething on our side bar about that so people know to look(you almost have to be an experienced blogger to know and don't want to leave out the newbies).


  6. Hi Jackie,

    I just found your site via Kelly + Olive and I think all your changes will be great additions to your blog (even though I just found it). I respond to comments in the comment section as well -it's easy and others can see the answers as well.

  7. Change is good (magchunk is getting a bit of a makeover in the coming weeks). Pretty sure we already link to each other.

    I do feel a little bad now that I charge for advertising... but my goal is to be writing and blogging full time within three years as my main income, so it's sort of my future livelihood.

  8. After Blog Party Music Week, I linked you up too--actually, looking at your page was what reminded me that, DUH, rather than just keeping all the good links on my Google Reader, I should be SHARING THEM with my own audience. :)

  9. Isn't that a Sheryl Crow song, I immediately heard the lyrics start playing in my head as I read the post title, haha

  10. sound like some fun changes! i have to say i dont really understand commenting on your own blog to respond. i think its nice to go visit the commenters blog (if they have one) in return :)

  11. newlyb- sweet I'll link to you too!

    christina-I sent you an email!

    TB-I love your Mary Clare posts! She is adorable-those bunny go go boots had me cracking up. I would love to check out your friends' shop-send me the link!

    Erin & Aimee-How's the commenting working out for you?

    Jess LC-Thanks for stopping by!

    Magchunk-you go girl! Good luck making it your full time job!

    kristine-adding you too!

    LLT-Yep, Sheryl Crow was my inspiration :)

    Alissa-I do always visit my commenters' blogs and leave them comments as well. It's just nice blog etiquette! I think I am going to respond here in my comments if there happens to be a specific question that applies to the post. Not sure how it's going to work; going to try it out for awhile. Looks like it is already a bit time consuming!

  12. I recently linked to you after a comment you made on my blog. Your blog is really lovely! I'm working on getting some art prints on Etsy and I'll definitely send you a little link when I get my shop up and running.

    Oh...and I I tagged you in blogger quiz! You can see what it's all about on my blog. You rock!