A Cabin In The Woods

If I were ever to live in the woods (which wouldn't be very likely-I get spooked easily and like the comfort of neighbors nearby) I would use this home as inspiration. This is Katie Brown's lovely little cabin in the woods. Isn't it so comfy and cozy and warm and bright? Katie so wisely states “Home is where we live out our own history, so I fill mine only with things I love.”

I adore this dining area. The long red bench, the plethora of windows, the green chest of drawers. How nice to sit down to a big breakfast in this room.

I would never think to mix the brocade pattern of the chairs next to the geometric pattern of the rug. But it works! And that fireplace definitely helps remind us we are in a cabin in the woods!

What a great assortment of eclectic pillows and artwork. I want to flop on this bed with a good book and read the day away.
A nice spot to gear up for the outdoors. Can you believe that beautiful floor-to-ceiling armoire only cost her $50 at a flea market?!

I enjoyed this little tidbit from the article :

"Ms. Brown converted the chicken coop into a playhouse for Prentiss (her daughter). In the barn, she turned the loft into an office. It also houses Prentiss’s horse, Buddy; her rabbit, Floppy Pickles; and two cats. A dozen laying hens reside in a coop on the side of the barn, providing the family with fresh eggs. Explaining the menagerie, Ms. Brown said, “I’ve always thought that kids should be around animals in the country.”

If we ever get a rabbit it is so going to be named Floppy Pickles.

Thanks to sugar pie express for the original link to the article. You can find the rest of the photos here
and the article here.


  1. i love the bench with the pillow and table. i've been thinking lately i'd like a similar set up one day.

  2. What a truly lovely and cozy home! I feel the same way about having neighbors nearby:)

  3. thanks for the link love jackie. isnt her place divine and that little play house for her daughter!!!

  4. Ahhh, those windows are to die for!