Blog Music Party Week: Epic Movie Music

Because movies + music=a mighty good time. Here are my faves:

"Tiny Dancer" in Almost Famous

All time favorite, hands down. Such a powerful, moving scene from the movie. It gets me every time. *tear*

"All That Jazz" in Chicago

*Warning-video may not be appropriate for viewing at work!*

I first saw the off-broadway production of Chicago in Las Vegas on a trip with my parents about ten years ago. It was a. mazing. I couldn't wait to see the movie when it came out, and it did not disappoint. Recently, I saw the musical again when it came to my local performing arts center. I rarely watch repeats of anything (short attention span) so that proves how big of a fan I am! I changed my mind about a million times as to which song to choose because I love them all.

"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" in Old School

Old School: Total eclipse of the heart

This scene is priceless. I wish I had The Dan Band at my wedding.

"Twist It" in Blues Brothers

Most awesome choreography ever. Any time a seemingly random group of people converge in the streets and bust into synchronized dance gets an "A" in my book.

Again, if you are just tuning in, check out the details here for how you can get in on the Blog Music Party Week action. The more the merrier!

Here's our list of party people so far:


Let's add some more; I want this party so big we get the cops called on us!! Tomorrow will be Guilty Pleasure songs-those that you may be embarrassed to admit you like. Can't wait to hear yours!

Joining in the party today are:

Dianna of Whatever Dee Dee Wants
The lovely gal behind wide open spaces
Liz of Pink Monkey (who posted yesterday-I just didn't get her in on time)
Andrea of oh lord, run
Sara of Lying To Make Friends


  1. I'm in. Just posted my songs. Man, I love this idea-!

  2. How could I forget tiny dancer? That was a great one!
    I posted mine.

  3. I have to admit, I looked at a few fellow music week blogs before I posted mine in an effort to minimize repeats ... and Total Eclipse from Old School was the only one! I LOVE that movie, it's hilarious, and that scene in particular is awesome. Nice choices!

  4. What a rad idea! I just posted my songs on ohlordrun.blogspot.com

    Might post tomorrow as well!

  5. Love "Tiny Dancer"... We actually used to call our dog that. (Who knows?)

    And the Old School one... We just rewatched. So funny!

    I overlapped yesterday with my Pretty In Pink tune, but I've got a doozy for tomorrow.

  6. I think Old School might be one of the funniest movies ever... so funny to rewatch that scene! I might have to join in on the fun because I have a few I could add...

  7. Oh, and I just tagged you on my site - can't wait to see what you'll pick!

  8. Tiny Dancer is classic! I came up with way too many but I posted them all anyway over at lyingtomakefriends.blogspot.com.

  9. Great list! I'm now flooded with the memories that each song/movie brings up for me! And I agree that any song involving spontaneous dance parties in the street gets an A+