Art For The Magazine Lover

Currently available on 20x200 are two paintings by Lauren DiCioccio. What immediately came to mind upon seeing them, was how the layout looked like that of a magazine or newspaper article. Upon further reading, I realized this was in fact the case, although even more literal than I originally thought. She used an actual page from a magazine as a template for each work:

"Fashion magazines are the source materials for my series color codification dot drawings. I make each piece on a sheet of frosted mylar laid over a magazine page. After assigning a color to every letter in the alphabet (numbers are in grayscale, 0=white and 9=black), I apply tiny dots of paint over every character on the page. Each drawing I make has a different color codification, and therefore a different palette. The resulting painting is a legible blur of dots in the form of the article’s layout — like a system of Braille for the color inclined."

Her thought processes behind these pieces are even more interesting:

"I make sculptures and paintings about my anticipatory nostalgia for obsolescing paper media objects. The softness of a read newspaper page and the glossy slickness of a fresh magazine page are sensations embedded in our physical memory — the familiarity of touching these objects allows a relationship to form in the process of consuming the information they provide. When these objects disappear from our culture and assume the homogeneous texture of a back-lit screen, I fear that some of our intimacy with the process of reading will fade."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


  1. wow, I don't know what else to say... this is just incredible!

  2. Ok, as a girl with 7 years of Vogue stuffed under a console table, I WANT. Love this! Thanks for the find!

  3. Haha, so I got to checkout and then realized my birthday is coming up. Forwarded the link to my boyfriend instead :) If I get one, I'll send you a picture!

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. My daughter is mildly autistic and she LOVES the feel of paper in her hands. When she was a baby, we often gave her paper to play with, because she preferred it over toys.

    I loved this part... "The softness of a read newspaper page and the glossy slickness of a fresh magazine page are sensations embedded in our physical memory —".

    I imagine Abby really relating to this.


    Thanks again. Her work is amazing!

  5. how unique - what patience she has! love the end result, theyre beautiful

  6. Hi, I found you via Elizabeth's blog and this post caught my eye! I think what she says is very interesting! I think most of us prefer magazines because they feel so nice when you curl up on the couch with them!