WTF Happened to Dora?!?

Looks like Dora got a makeover. How am I going to explain this one to Natalie?

I guess there's a lot of ticked off parents out there!
Here's a petition you can sign if you are too:
"Let's Go: No Makeover for Dora!"


  1. I know Jackie! Isn't it awful?

    My friend Carolyn posted about it too with a link to a petition that might interest you: http://stepforddreams.blogspot.com/2009/03/oh-dora.html

  2. just discovered your blog--thought you might enjoy mine as well!

  3. out visiting tonight..
    who wants dora growing up???
    mona & the girls

  4. I think it is good that Dora lost some weight. I like long hair too, so all in all I think she is A OK.

  5. She went from 6 to 13 overnight? Ick!

  6. whoa, i'm not a parent, but i am an aunt and this is awful. my niece is 4 and looooves dora, and honestly kind of looks like her (we're puerto rican). i'm definitely not ok w/the new version.
    thanks for dropping by; i hope you come back soon! i think i'm going to see if i can find the anita shreve book at the library!

  7. NO! really? Is it true? my daughters only 3 and that's the only thing I let her watch, ugh.

  8. WHY OH WHY! I am almost the same age as her and I am insulted! Boots was my favourite character! This is such an outrage! What is the matter with these people? I asked my sister which she liked better and she said the new one! Who will be her friends? Will they be gone like Boots and will “Go Diego Go” be the next victim?