Interior Infatuation

This home has fueled my Spring Fever Fire in a major way:

Fresh white walls with little bursts of color-I think I now need an orange espresso machine. I love the mixture of styles between the crystal chandelier, the antique farm table with Norman Cherner plywood chairs and the contemporaryt art piece leaning against the wall. It all fits well together.

This is definitely a serene place to drift off into dreamland at the end of the day. Nothing like crisp and clean white sheets piled high.

Just imagine freshining up here in the morning. One of my favorite through-the-window views is that of a leafy, branchy, big 'ol tree. Probably one of the only things that would convince me to buy a two-story house.

An antique Swedish sofa with graphic Suzani pattern? Two words: Yes please.

I really wish I were friends with these homeowners so I could be invited to the summer patio parties I imagine they would throw here. Whiling away the long summer evening hours with a glass of wine, nibbling on fresh fruit and stinky cheese.

My question to you, dear readers: what does spring leave you longing for in interiors? Any colors/styles/feelings speaking to you as of late?


  1. that summer patio is so envy-inducing. I don't even have a yard, so it's not likely to be in my near future. But someday I will have a cozy outdoor space similar to this. A girl's gotta dream right!

  2. Can you imagine having an outdoor space like that? so jealous...

  3. I love the farmhouse table in photo #1. Springtime to me means modern-boho-shabby-chic. Lots of soft worn fabrics, lemonade in antique pitchers, tea parties outside, the heavy blankets replaced with soft pretty quilts and lace coverlets. It's a romantic time of year :)

  4. i'm so in love with that 2nd image, simply stunning!

  5. Oh, wow! I love that bathroom and the idea of a mirror in front of a window! And that bedroom is just divine--so warm and welcoming.

  6. That bedroom is perfection. I love the little green frame and gorgeous flowers.